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Creating the Send Port
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spriteBatch.DrawString(spriteFont, itemList[itemID].itemText, itemPostition, itemColor, 0, Vector2.Zero, 1, SpriteEffects.None, 0); verPosition += 30; } } When in Starting or Ending state, the changeProgress value will increase linearly from 0 to 1, which is OK but will not give smooth starts or endings. The MathHelper.SmoothStep method smoothens this curve, so the transitions will start and end smoothly. The case structure adjusts the horizontal position and alpha values for the menu items, in case the menu is in Starting or Ending mode. Next, for each item in the menu, the caption is rendered to the screen at the correct position. For more information on rendering text, see the previous recipe. If the item is not the selected item, its text is drawn in white, while the selected item will be drawn in red. That s it for the basics of the MenuWindow class! In your main program, you simply need a list to store all your menus: List<MenuWindow> menuList; In your LoadContent method, you can create your menus and add them to the menuList. Next, you can add items to the menus, allowing you to specify which menu should be activated next in case the user selects the item. MenuWindow menuMain = new MenuWindow(menuFont, "Main Menu", backgroundImage); MenuWindow menuNewGame = new MenuWindow(menuFont, "Start a New Game", bg); menuList.Add(menuMain); menuList.Add(menuNewGame); menuMain.AddMenuItem("New Game", menuNewGame); menuNewGame.AddMenuItem("Back to Main menu", menuMain); menuMain.WakeUp(); This will create two menus, each containing an item that links to the other menu. After you re done initializing your menu structure, the mainMenu is activated, bringing it in the Starting state. Now you need to update all your menus during the update cycle of your program: foreach (MenuWindow currentMenu in menuList) currentMenu.Update(gameTime.ElapsedGameTime.TotalMilliseconds); and render them during the draw phase of your program: spriteBatch.Begin(); foreach (MenuWindow currentMenu in menuList) currentMenu.Draw(spriteBatch); spriteBatch.End(); When you run this code, the main menu should come fading in from the left, but of course you can t yet move to the other menu because you aren t processing any user input yet.
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This chapter will define expressions and look at the operators provided by C#. It will also look at how you can define the C# operators to work with your user-defined classes. An expression is a string of operators and operands. Some of the constructs that can act as operands are Literals Constants Variables Method calls Element accessors, such as array accessors and indexers Other expressions The C# operators take one, two, or three operands. An operator Takes its operands as input Performs an action Returns a value, based on the action Expressions can be combined, using operators, to create other expressions, as shown in the following illustration:
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User-defined conversions will be discussed in greater detail in 18, but I will mention them here as well because they are operators. You can define both implicit and explicit conversions for your own classes and structs. This allows you to convert an object of your user-defined type to some other type, and vice versa. C# provides implicit and explicit conversions. With an implicit conversion, the compiler will automatically make the conversion, if necessary, when it is resolving what types to use in a particular context. With an explicit conversion, the compiler will only make the conversion when an explicit cast operator is used. The syntax for declaring an implicit conversion is the following. The syntax for the explicit conversion is the same, except that explicit is substituted for implicit. The modifiers public and static are required for all user-defined conversions. Required Target Source public static implicit operator TargetType ( SourceType Identifier ) { ... return ObjectOfTargetType; } The following code shows an example of declarations for conversion operators that will convert an object of type LimitedInt to type int, and vice versa. class LimitedInt { Target Source public static implicit operator int (LimitedInt li) { return li.TheValue; } Target Source public static implicit operator LimitedInt (int x) { LimitedInt li = new LimitedInt(); li.TheValue = x; return li; } private int _TheValue = 0; public int TheValue{ ... } }
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Whitespace in a program refers to characters that do not have a visible output character. Whitespace in source code is ignored by the compiler, but is used by the programmer to make the code clearer and easier to read. Some of the whitespace characters include the following: Space Tab New line Carriage return For example, the following code fragments are treated exactly the same by the compiler in spite of their differences in appearance: // Nicely formatted Main() { Console.WriteLine("Hi, there!"); } // Just concatenated Main(){Console.WriteLine("Hi, there!");}
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Updating Data
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ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> alter session set workarea_size_policy=manual; Session altered. ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> alter session set sort_area_size = &1; old 1: alter session set sort_area_size = &1 new 1: alter session set sort_area_size = 65536 Session altered. ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> prompt run @reset_stat &SID and @watch_stat in another session here! run @reset_stat 133 and @watch_stat in another session here! ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> pause We can see the SID of this new session (133), and we ve set our PGA memory management to manual and our SORT_AREA_SIZE to 65,536 (64KB). Now the script tells us to run the two other scripts in another session, so we ll do that: ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> @reset_stat 133 Table dropped. Table created. PL/SQL procedure successfully completed. ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> @watch_stat 6 rows merged. NAME KBYTES_WRITES DIFF_KBYTES_WRITES --------------------------------------------- ------------- -----------------physical reads direct temporary tablespace 0 0 physical writes direct temporary tablespace 0 0 session pga memory 673 session pga memory max 673 session uga memory 300 session uga memory max 300 6 rows selected.
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// The following code segment will always be compiled.
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Allows you to specify a value for a column in the list this workflow is attached to. If the payload item has that value in the specified column, then this step will process. Allows you to specify a set of values to be compared. Each value can contain either a hard-coded value or a lookup to another list on the site. See the section Workflow Lookups, later in this chapter. Allows you to specify a value to look for in the Title column. If the current list item has that value in the title, then this step will process. Allows you to specify begin and end dates for when the list item was modified. If the current list item was modified within this span, then this step will process. Allows you to specify the name of a person. If that person modified the list item, this step will execute. Same as Modified in a Specific Date Span but works off the list item creation date. Same as Modified by a Specific Person but works off the original list item creator, not the last modifier. Allows you to specify a certain type of file. If the file payload matches this file extension, the step will process. Allows you to specify a range of kilobytes. If the file payload falls within this range, the step will process.
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Figure 4-1. Initialization1 activity Return to the State Composition View. Again, you can do this by right-clicking in the workflow area, or you can click the breadcrumb area in the top left of the Initialization1 view, as shown in Figure 4-2. If you click the Workflow crumb, you ll return to the workflow, and if you click the State crumb, you ll return to the highlighted state.
In this example, I create a range variable for two data sources and use them in a LINQ query that uses a select clause to create an anonymous type. A new object will be created for each combination of values from the data sources. Compiling and running Listing 27-35 produces the following output: Result - Name: Result - Name: Result - Name: Result - Name: Result - Name: Result - Name: Result - Name: Result - Name: Result - Name: Press enter to apple, Size: small apple, Size: medium apple, Size: large plum, Size: small plum, Size: medium plum, Size: large cherry, Size: small cherry, Size: medium cherry, Size: large finish
Parenthesized Expressions
When a new Resource object is created and saved, its data needs to be inserted into the Resources table: CREATE PROCEDURE addResource ( @lastName varchar(50), @firstName varchar(50), @newId int output, @newLastChanged timestamp output )
The NumericUpDown control is like a TextBox, but it will only display numeric values, and the user can change the value using the scroll buttons on the right of the control. We are going to use this type of control for the length of the pool and the number of calories per hour that swimming consumes. I rarely change these values, so we will display the defaults I use when the program starts so that I don t need to type them in each time I go swimming. Table 32-2 lists the property changes to make to the NumericUpDown controls. Table 32-2. Property Changes for NumericUpDown Controls
As discussed earlier, the FieldInfo array could include fields from the base classes of the current class. Due to the way the Just-in-Time (JIT) compiler optimizes code within the same assembly, if some base classes are in the same assembly as the actual business class, the same field name may
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