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Web Services Enhancements 2.0
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Without regard to whether the Template pattern is properly implemented for the context, the following source code is an initial refactoring of the class DuplicatedInternal: class RefactoredIterator< type> { private IList< type> _list; public RefactoredIterator( IList< type> list) { _list = list; } public void Iterate() { foreach( type item in _list) { ProcessItem( item); } } public virtual void ProcessItem( type item) { } } RefactoredIterator<> is a Generic class that contains the common code of the class DuplicatedInternal. The duplicated code is the iteration of a list of elements. So that RefactoredIterator<> remains flexible, the Generic parameter is the type being iterated, and for DuplicatedInternal, that would be the type Item. For each iteration, the method ProcessItem is called, which is defined as a virtual method. The idea is that DuplicatedInternal should subclass RefactoredIterator<> and implement the method ProcessItem. In the implementation of ProcessItem, the code would be the loop contents of GetItem or MarkItems. Stepping back, you might notice a disjoint: refactoring out the common code is easy, but making it do the custom work won t work. This is the crux of the problem of why duplicated code isn t recommended. The original developer either knowingly or unknowingly couldn t abstract the duplicated code to use a common code piece. Don t underestimate the complexity of such an undertaking, because it isn t simple to do elegantly. The refactored class RefactoredIterator<> is one solution, but there are some extra details that may or may not be optimal. To understand what I am trying to point out, consider the following refactored DuplicatedInternal class declaration: class DuplicatedInternal { IList< Item> _list = new List< Item>(); public DuplicatedInternal() { } private class InternalGetItem : RefactoredIterator< Item> { public int Id; public Item FoundItem;
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As you learned in 3, the simplest way to place an image on a user interface is by using the Image control and setting its Source property within the XAML code: <Image Source="Buddy.png"/> The Image control inherits from FrameworkElement, so it inherits the bits from FrameworkElement and UIElement. The new properties and event introduced by the Image class are listed in Tables 4-1 and 4-2. Table 4-1. Properties of the Image Class
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Figure 4-8. Sizes of different parts of your output, side-by-side for comparison Actually, they re not even close. While the data and the markup are about the same size, the ViewState data is more than twice as large. It s three times the size as the raw data! You can really see the effects of this on the resulting page size when you compare the total size of the output streams with ViewState on and off. ViewState more than triples the entire size of the output stream. Now this example must be taken in context. This is a small page, with no other content. It isn t normally true that ViewState triples the size of the entire page, as, normally, there is markup on the page not related to DataGrid. Also, ViewState is data that s sent down with an existing connection (the connection for the markup of the page request). Many designers and web developers think nothing of adding a 12K image to a page, which is just as much data being sent and an additional network round trip. No, the intended take-away from this is a concrete demonstration is how hashing and encoding the ViewState value causes its size to bloat. qr code rdlc
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Figure 10-8. Multiple namespaces in a source file The .NET Framework BCL offers thousands of defined classes and types to choose from in building your programs. To help organize this vast array of available functionality, types with related functionality are declared in the same namespace. The BCL uses more than 100 namespaces to organize its types.
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Highlight References allows you to quickly navigate through different instances of the same method call within a file. For example, if you want to navigate through all calls to the ToString method, then click once anywhere on the ToString method text (note you don t have to highlight the text) and you will find the IDE marks all the other ToString calls in the same file with a light grey background, as shown in Figure 2-6. You can then navigate to the next ToString method by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Down or Ctrl + Shift + Up to return to the previous instance.
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Depending on the nature of your child object, you can find items in a list quickly in several ways. As mentioned previously, you can organize those child objects that are comparable that is, where someObj.SomeVal < x has meaning and is implemented in a way that makes that query faster. CSLA .NET uses a balanced tree structure a red-black tree to perform this function. Other child objects that are not IComparable (such as Color) use a dictionary-based index instead. One of the responsibilities of the index set is to choose an appropriate implementation of IIndex based on the type of object being indexed. An ideal indexing strategy allows not only for equality-based queries to use the index but also for range-based queries to use the index.
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