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Namespaces are a flexible way of grouping types together to help organize your program. You don t have to use namespaces in your code, but you do have to know how they work so that you can take full advantage of the .NET Framework class library, which contains thousands of useful types. The flexibility of namespaces can lead to some problems, especially when it comes to ambiguity of type names. We saw how to use different techniques to work around name conflicts and name ambiguity, and although most programmers don t encounter these problems regularly, it is good to know that they can be resolved when the need arises.
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Sending an Email Message from Contacts
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CHAPTER 28: Troubleshooting
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Silverlight 4 out-of-browser (OOB) applications can be trusted by setting the ElevatedPermissions property to Required in the OutOfBrowserSettings.xml file. The trusted Silverlight OOB-mode applications have elevated privileges that allow an application to call native code outside of the sandbox environment on the client machine, which we will further cover in 11. In addition to that, running trusted Silverlight applications in OOB mode also eliminates the need of cross-domain access policy files (clientaccesspolicy.xml or crossdomain.xml) for cross-domain network communication. You must select the Enable running application out of browser option in the Silverlight tab of the project properties tab and the Require elevated trust when running outside the browser option in the out-of-browser tab, as shown in Figures 5-2 and 5-3, to make the Silverlight application trusted in OOB mode.
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Figure 6-13. Read-only list objects subclassing ReadOnlyListBase
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Rectangle with Movement Animation
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Building Interoperable Web Services: WS-I Basic Profile 1.0 Patterns & Practices, Microsoft Corporation Whitepaper (August 2003) Located at MSDN Home Web Services Home Building .NET Framework and Visual Studio .NET Designing .NET Web Services
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The RolesEdit authorization code is perhaps the simplest in the application. This user control doesn t support a read-only mode, so if the user isn t authorized to edit the list of roles, then the form can t be available. MainForm already disables the menu to prevent the user from getting to the user control if they aren t authorized, but there s still the possibility that the user could log out while the user control is loaded. In that case, the user control needs to close itself to prevent the now unauthorized user from editing the roles. To implement this, the CurrentPrincipalChanged event is handled: private void RolesEdit_CurrentPrincipalChanged( object sender, EventArgs e) { if (!Roles.CanEditObject()) this.Close(); } The Roles class is asked whether the current user is authorized to edit the object, and if the user isn t authorized, then the user control is immediately closed.
Note Unlike C and C++, test expressions must return a value of type bool. Numbers do not have a
You ll have to take the architecture and the framework and adapt them to meet your organization s needs. You may have different priorities in terms of performance, scalability, security, fault tolerance, reuse, or other key architectural criteria. At the very least, though, the remainder of this book should give you a good start on the design and construction of a distributed, object-oriented architecture and framework.
Preparing for WCF
Adding Nodes
Enumerate the results each time you want the query to be performed. Use an extension method that requires the results to be enumerated in order to produce a result; for example, use an aggregation method. Use a conversion extension method.
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