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Virtually all applications rely on some form of authorization. At the very least, there is typically control over which users have access to the application at all. But more commonly, applications need to restrict which users can view or edit specific bits of data at either the object or property level. This is often accomplished by assigning users to roles and then specifying which roles are allowed to view or edit various data. To help control whether the current user can view or edit individual properties, the business framework will allow the business developer to specify the roles that are allowed or denied the ability to view or edit each property. Typically, these role definitions will be set up as the object is created, and they may be hard-coded into the object or loaded from a database, as you choose. With the list of allowed and denied roles established, the framework is able to implement CanReadProperty() and CanWriteProperty() methods that can be called within each property s get and set code. The result is that a typical property looks like this:
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Objects can work very well in web development, if they re designed and used properly.
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Figure 6-5. Static methods of a class can be called even if there are no instances of the class.
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After installing Visual Studio and the .NET Micro Framework SDK, you can start Visual Studio and create a new .NET Micro Framework project. Selecting File New Project will open a dialog box in which you can enter project details (see Figure 3-1). This dialog box allows you to enter the project type, name, and location.
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Meaning in Life
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Event Name
Increasingly, game developers are giving users free trials of their games to see if they like them before they buy. You will find many games have both a lite version and a full version in the App Store. Some free games are supported by the inclusion of ads within the game. Other games are free to start, but require in-app purchases for continued play or additional features.
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