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determine its location from the registry as shown above and back it up using the ocopy utility.
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recommend it. When an add closure method is called, it doesn t know it s being called because of an add element operation. To have the closure functor know which operation is currently underway, a direction parameter would have to be added to the closure functor delegate. And that is a very bad idea, because it locks the delegate into certain operations. Following is an example of two closure functors implementing the add and remove element methods: public class TicketsBuilder { private class StatisticsCounter { private double _runningTotal; public StatisticsCounter() { _runningTotal = 0.0; } public void ClosureAddMethod( Ticket ticket) { _runningTotal += ticket.Price; } public void ClosureRemoveMethod( Ticket ticket) { _runningTotal -= ticket.Price; } } public static IList<Ticket> CreateCollection() { StatisticsCounter cls = new StatisticsCounter(); IList<Ticket> parent = new ClosureAddProxy< Ticket>( new List< Ticket>(), new DelegateClosure< Ticket>( cls.ClosureAddMethod)); return new ClosureRemoveProxy<Ticket>( parent, new DelegateClosure< Ticket>( cls.ClosureRemoveMethod)); } } In this modified implementation of TicketsBuilder, StatisticsCounter has two closure methods: ClosureAddMethod and ClosureRemoveMethod. The method ClosureAddMethod increments the ticket sales, and the method ClosureRemoveMethod decrements ticket sales. The method CreateCollection is modified to create two closure proxies: ClosureAddProxy and ClosureRemoveProxy. The appropriate closure method is associated to each proxy.
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// Flag indicating disposal status
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Choosing the right typeface for this display is typographically delicate. At one extreme, the terms should speak for themselves, meaning they should appear equally balanced. Presenting them in different typefaces causes noise in positive words, typographic staging will give these equal weighted search terms different impressions in the users eyes. The solution for this problem is finding a typeface superfamily that covers almost all type design styles. Surprisingly, only one typeface that complies with that condition: Lucida. Lucida is an extended set of related typefaces designed by Charles Bigelow and Kris Holmes (B&H) between 1983 and 1994, and it includes a variety of styles: serif and sans serif, Roman and italic, normal and bold weights, scripts, black letter, icons, and symbols. This extra-large family of type styles is often called a superfamily, or clan, because it extends beyond the usual font family that contains just Roman, italic, normal and bold. Because of the richness and variety of its different styles, Lucida allows new forms of typography for electronic communication, printing, and publishing.
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When designing relational databases, it is important to normalize the data. There are many aspects to normalization, but one of the most basic and critical is avoiding redundant data. A given data element should exist exactly once in the data model. And that s great for relational modeling. Unfortunately, many people struggle with object design because they try to apply relational thinking to objects. But object design is not the same as relational design. Where the goal with relational design is to avoid duplication of data, the goal of object design is quite different. There s no problem with a data field being used or exposed by different objects. I realize this may be hard to accept. We ve all spent so many years being trained to think relationally that it s often very hard to break away and think in terms of objects. Yet creating a good object model requires changing this mode of thought.
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Design Patterns for Building Message-Oriented Web Services
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All the predefined types are mapped directly to underlying .NET types. The C# type names are just aliases for the .NET types, so using the .NET names works fine syntactically, although this is discouraged. Within a C# program, using the C# names is preferred to using the .NET names. The predefined simple types represent a single item of data. They are listed in Table 3-1, along with the ranges of values they can represent and the underlying .NET types to which they map. Table 3-1. The Predefined Simple Types
Figure 7-7. Adding, updating, and deleting child objects in a collection
In this exercise, we are going to build an example to host a WCF service from Windows Azure. Following are the steps we need to perform to reach this goal. 1. From Visual Studio, create a new cloud service web role service project called HostWCFService as shown in Figure 4-1.
Understanding SOAP Aaron Skonnard Whitepaper (March 2003) Located at MSDN Home Web Services Home
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