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The DataPager control is a quick, configurable, and efficient mechanism for paging data that provides next/previous, numeric paging and data records management capabilities for data sets (with multiple records). The DataPager is also not part of the core Silverlight installation, so you must download the Silverlight SDK and distribute the System.Windows.Controls.Data assembly with your application. In order to use DataPager in XAML, you must reference the System.Windows.Controls.Data namespace. To accomplish the pagination you need to implement the IPagedViewCollection interface as the data source and use the IPagedCollectionView for the paging functionality. When DataPager is combined with WCF RIA Services, the WCF RIA Services ObjectDataSource automatically implements this interface. Visit 6 to get more details on the DataPager control.
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a form of common behavior, its implementation is located in the Assignment class. So the only code here is AddBusinessRules(): Protected Overrides Sub AddBusinessRules() ValidationRules.AddRule(AddressOf Assignment.ValidRole, "Role") End Sub The ValidRole rule from the Assignment class is associated with the Role property. That rule is designed to ensure that the Role property is set to a value corresponding to a role in the RoleList collection (which will be discussed later in the chapter). The IHoldRoles interface will be used to allow the ValidRule method to access the Role property.
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Note The dependency properties are the secret sauce here. They re what make the whole thing work by
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Bitwise XOR
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import*; import*; public class JavaSourceFromString extends SimpleJavaFileObject { final String code; JavaSourceFromString(String name, String code) { super(URI.create( "string:///" + name.replace('.','/') + Kind.SOURCE.extension), Kind.SOURCE); this.code = code; } @Override public CharSequence getCharContent(boolean ignoreEncodingErrors) { return code; } }
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<asp:UpdateProgress runat="server" ID="prog1" DisplayAfter="300" AssociatedUpdatePanelID="UpdatePanel1"> <ProgressTemplate> <span style="color: #ffff00; background-color: #3300ff"> Loading...</span> </ProgressTemplate> </asp:UpdateProgress>
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Advanced Email Options
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Note The contents of this log will be printed to the screen in the Draw method. See recipe 3-5 for more
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PCTTHRESHOLD 50 OVERFLOW PCTFREE 10 PCTUSED 40 INITRANS 1 MAXTRANS 255 LOGGING TABLESPACE "USERS" ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> select dbms_metadata.get_ddl( "TABLE", "T3" ) from dual; DBMS_METADATA.GET_DDL("TABLE","T3") ------------------------------------------------------------------------------CREATE TABLE "OPS$TKYTE"."T3" ( "X" NUMBER(*,0), "Y" VARCHAR2(25), "Z" DATE, PRIMARY KEY ("X") ENABLE ) ORGANIZATION INDEX NOCOMPRESS PCTFREE 10 INITRANS 2 MAXTRANS 255 LOGGING TABLESPACE "USERS" PCTTHRESHOLD 50 INCLUDING "Y" OVERFLOW PCTFREE 10 PCTUSED 40 INITRANS 1 MAXTRANS 255 LOGGING TABLESPACE "USERS" So, now we have PCTTHRESHOLD, OVERFLOW, and INCLUDING left to discuss. These three items are intertwined, and their goal is to make the index leaf blocks (the blocks that hold the actual index data) able to efficiently store data. An index is typically on a subset of columns. You will generally find many more times the number of row entries on an index block than you would on a heap table block. An index counts on being able to get many rows per block. Oracle would spend large amounts of time maintaining an index otherwise, as each INSERT or UPDATE would probably cause an index block to split in order to accommodate the new data. The OVERFLOW clause allows you to set up another segment (making an IOT a multisegment object, much like having a CLOB column does) where the row data for the IOT can overflow onto when it gets too large.
Building the Handler Application
Figure 10-14. Terms for an assembly s identity
The v$latch_parent View
CHAPTER 8: Falling Balls and Gravity Pods
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