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s Note This is not to say that additional frameworks for UI creation or simplification of data access are bad ideas. On the contrary, such frameworks can be very complementary to the ideas presented in this book; and the combination of several frameworks can help lower costs even further.
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Finally, to use Web Services, the configuration would look like this: < xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <configuration> <appSettings> <add key="CslaAuthentication" value="Csla" /> <add key="CslaDataPortalProxy" value="Csla.DataPortalClient.WebServicesProxy, Csla"/>
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Statements that modify data in the database may have the potential to perform parallel DML (PDML). During PDML, Oracle uses many threads or processes to perform your INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE instead of a single serial process. On a multi-CPU machine with plenty of I/O bandwidth, the potential increase in speed may be large for mass DML operations. In releases of Oracle prior to 9i, PDML required partitioning. If your tables were not partitioned, you could not perform these operations in parallel in the earlier releases. If the tables were partitioned, Oracle would assign a maximum degree of parallelism to the object, based on the number of physical partitions it had. This restriction was, for the most part, relaxed in Oracle9i and later with two notable exceptions. If the table you wish to perform PDML on has a bitmap index in place of a LOB column, then the table must be partitioned in order to have the operation take place in parallel, and the degree of parallelism will be restricted to the number of partitions. In general, you no longer need to partition to use PDML.
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The constructor is shown in bold. Constructors have the same name as the class that contains them, in our case, VolvoC30. This constructor has two parameters; these parameters are inputs to the construction process and are used to assign initial values to the CarOwner and PaintColor fields. We ll see how to use a constructor in the next section of this chapter. All classes require a constructor, although if you don t provide one explicitly, the C# compiler will add a default one for you when your code is compiled. Constructors, including the default that the compiler adds, are discussed in full in the Special Methods section of 9.
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Figure 10-24. Right-clicking the drilled-down object to modify the repeat count Figure 10-24 also shows the context menu when you right-click the target property (X in this case). This context menu also appears if you right-click the time span for the X property. When you select the Edit Repeat Count option, the Edit Repeat dialog appears, as shown in Figure 10-25.
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s Tip
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DB_VERSION("") ALL_ROWS OUTLINE_LEAF(@"SEL$1") FULL(@"SEL$1" "T3"@"SEL$1") INDEX_RS_ASC(@"SEL$1" "T4"@"SEL$1" ("T4"."C1")) LEADING(@"SEL$1" "T3"@"SEL$1" "T4"@"SEL$1") USE_HASH(@"SEL$1" "T4"@"SEL$1") END_OUTLINE_DATA */ Optimizer state dump: Compilation Environment Dump optimizer_mode_hinted optimizer_features_hinted parallel_execution_enabled parallel_query_forced_dop parallel_dml_forced_dop parallel_ddl_forced_degree parallel_ddl_forced_instances _query_rewrite_fudge optimizer_features_enable
Array elements are always initialized. If they are not explicitly initialized, the system will automatically initialize them to default values.
s Caution Remember that once you click Publish, that business rule is out there for keeps.
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