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The Web Services Description Language
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Note As noted earlier, there is also an isolation level in Oracle denoted READ
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The getRoles procedure will return the list of roles to populate the RoleList and Roles objects as follows: CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[getRoles] AS SELECT Id,Name,LastChanged FROM Roles RETURN All the role data is returned as a result of this procedure. Though RoleList and Roles use the data differently, they both use the same set of values.
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The <definitions> root element encloses the contents of the WSDL document entirely. All of the elements presented next are child elements of the <definitions> root element. The WSDL document contains seven primary XML elements (in addition to the <definitions> root element), all of which belong to the schema just listed. The seven XML elements fall into two main groups: Abstract description: XML elements that document the Web service interface, including the methods that it supports, the input parameters, and the return types. Concrete implementation: XML elements that show the client how to physically bind to the Web service and to use its supported operations. The XML elements for abstract description are as follows: <types>: This element lists all of the data types that are exchanged by the XML messages as input parameters or return types. The <types> element is equivalent to an embedded XSD schema definition file.
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Calling Conventions
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Once an interface has been defined, you can create classes that implement the interface. Listing 12-2 contains an example of a class that implements the interface defined in Listing 12-1. Listing 12-2. Implementing an Interface class Calculator : IBasicCalculator { public int CalculateSum(int x, int y) { return x + y; } public int CalculateProduct(int x, int y) { return x * y; } } Implementing an interface is like deriving from a base class. You place a colon (:) after the name of your class and add the name of the interface that you want to implement. You must provide an implementation of each member in the interface in your class. In the example, the Calculator class has to provide implementations of the CalculatorSum and CalculateProduct methods in order to implement the IBasicCalculator interface. Your class can implement additional
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You will have to resolve WriteableBitmap by right-clicking it and left-clicking Resolve System.Windows.Media.Imaging.
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CHAPTER 3: Sync Your iPod touch with iTunes
Root Object Retrieval
performance problem that is caused by a process related to the Oracle instance, or some other process on the computer. In the case of performance problems caused by Oracle-related processes, consider drilling into the Oracle process activity by using the operating system process identifier (PID) to search V$PROCESS for a matching PID, and then join to V$SESSION on V$PROCESS.ADDR=V$SESSION.PADDR. Follow the Problems Reported by End Users portion of this decision tree to continue troubleshooting. If the problem cannot be isolated to a small number of Oracle-related processes, use a macro scopemonitoring method, such as Statspack, AWR reports, or Enterprise Manager s performance-monitoring features. If an IT staff member noticed application-related performance problems, identify whether the problem is specific to just the application, a specific application module, a specific function in the module, a specific username, or a specific client computer. Have any changes been made to optimizer parameters, server configuration, network configuration, client configuration, Oracle release version, application version, data volume, or number of users Follow the Problems Reported by End Users portion of this decision tree to continue troubleshooting after the problem is isolated to user actions.
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