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Figure 15-3. The property metadata group
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Per-Instance Authorization Rules
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When performing a collision check, you ll always find yourself making a trade-off between speed and accuracy. In most cases, you ll want to settle for a combination of checks. During a first pass, you ll want to scan all of your objects for possible collisions using a very fast check and afterward perform detailed tests only for those objects that responded positively on the quick check. This recipe demonstrates two fast ways to check for possible collisions between two models. The fastest way is to find the two global BoundingSpheres of the Models and check whether they intersect by calling the Intersect method on one of the spheres. You can extend this a bit to improve accuracy. Models consist of several ModelMeshes, which store the geometrical information about the different parts of the Model. Each of these ModelMeshes can generate its own BoundingSphere, so you can perform a collision check between each of the BoundingSpheres of the first Model and each of the BoundingSpheres of the second Model. Obviously, this higher accuracy comes at a higher calculating cost.
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The first two points are directly related to Oracle s read-consistency model. As you recall from 7 Concurrency and Multi-versioning, the results of your query are pre-ordained, meaning they are well-defined before Oracle goes to retrieve even the first row. Oracle provides this consistent point in time snapshot of the database by using the undo segments to roll back blocks that have changed since your query began. Every statement you execute, such as the following: update insert delete select t set x = 5 where x = 2; into t select * from t where x = 2; from t where x = 2; * from t where x = 2;
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cookies.append(cookie.toString()); } } // Map to return Map<String, List<String>> cookieMap = new HashMap<String, List<String>>(requestHeaders); // Convert StringBuilder to List, store in map if (cookies.length() > 0) { List<String> list = Collections.singletonList(cookies.toString()); cookieMap.put("Cookie", list); } System.out.println("CookieMap: " + cookieMap); // Make read-only return Collections.unmodifiableMap(cookieMap); } }
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Determines the direction of increasing value of a Slider. The default is a false value, which means increasing values when up for vertical sliders and right for horizontal sliders. Reverses the direction of increasing values if true: down for vertical sliders and left for horizontal sliders. Returns true if the slider currently has input focus. Gets/sets the orientation of slider. Possible values: Vertical, Horizontal.
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To protect the data, you could create a separate data source for each department and base its pivot table on that source, with each pivot table in a separate, password-protected workbook. That would provide each department with a fully functioning pivot table, while maintaining each department s privacy. Or, if users need to see the results, but they do not need to change the pivot table layout, you can create a copy of the pivot table for each department. 1. Select a department name from the report filter. 2. Select the pivot table, right-click a selected cell, and then click Copy. 3. In another workbook, right-click a cell where you would like to create a copy of the pivot table. 4. In the context menu, click Paste Special. 5. Click Values, and then click OK. 6. Format the copied pivot table.
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Skipping NotUndoable Fields
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Figure 14-4. The indexing object model In the next section, I ll cover the details of this interface and classes. Should you decide to implement your own indexing provider, you ll have an understanding of the default one provided with CSLA .NET.
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