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Besides static fields, there are also static function members. Static function members, like static fields, are independent of any class instance. Even if there are no instances of a class, you can call a static method. Static function members cannot access instance members. They can, however, access other static members. For example, the following class contains a static field and a static method. Notice that the body of the static method accesses the static field. class X { static public int A; // Static field static public void PrintValA() // Static method { Console.WriteLine("Value of A: {0}", A); } } Accessing the static field The following code uses class X, defined in the preceding code. Figure 6-5 illustrates the code. class Program { static void Main() { X.A = 10; X.PrintValA(); } } Class name crystal report barcode printing
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Consume First Mode
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Let s write a simple web service that will be used by a Silverlight application. This web service will retrieve book-related information. First, create a Silverlight application project named chapter5, and add a BookInfo class under the web project. This class details the book profile and a list of chapters, as shown in the following code snippet: public class BookInfo { public string Title; public string Author; public string ISBN; public List<string> s; } The service must use basicHttpBinding as this is the only binding Silverlight can use. While you can create a WCF service and change the binding, you can shortcut this by creating a new Silverlightenabled WCF Service, as shown in Figure 5-4. You can add the Silverlight-enabled WCF service by selecting Add New Item in Solution Explorer.
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Note Your overloaded operators should conform to the intuitive meanings of the operators.
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import java.beans.ConstructorProperties; public class Point { private double x, y; public Point() { } @ConstructorProperties({"x", "y"}) public Point(double x, double y) { this.x = x; this.y = y; } public double getX() { return x; } public double getY() { return y; } public void setX(double x) { this.x = x; } public void setY(double y) { this.y = y; } }
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Although the preceding XAML is not as readable as animating the item programmatically, it is arguably easier to produce. Blend allows you to define key frames for your object and will then animate between them. For more information about Blend, check out the great tutorial videos available at cat=2#HDI2Basics.
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Figure 21-11. The group clause returns a collection of collections of objects rather than a collection of objects.
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This updates the one row that matches the criteria.
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Criteria Class
Note When compiling your code on another PC, the font has to be installed on this computer, or you will
The web service is complete and ready to be invoked from the client; now it s time to create the web page that is going to call it. Open Default.aspx in the designer, and add a ScriptManager element to the page by dragging it from the Toolbox and dropping it onto the page designer. Now add three ASP.NET label controls, three HTML input (text) controls, and an HTML input (button) control to the web page. Label the three text fields Make: , Model: , and Year: , and name them txtMake, txtModel, and txtYear. Set the text of the button to Get Value . The web page should look like Figure 3-13.
Adding Grid Columns
When ProjectResources is asked to update its data into the database, it loops through all the child objects. Any child objects with IsDeleted set to False and IsNew set to True have their Insert() method called. The child object is responsible for inserting its own data into the database: Friend Sub Insert(ByVal project As Project) ' if we're not dirty then don't update the database If Not Me.IsDirty Then Exit Sub Using cn As New SqlConnection(Database.PTrackerConnection) cn.Open() mTimestamp = Assignment.AddAssignment( _ cn, project.Id, mResourceId, mAssigned, mRole) MarkOld() End Using End Sub If the object s data hasn t been changed, then the database isn t altered. There s no sense updating the database with the same values it already contains. In 6, the object design process revealed that ProjectResource and ResourceAssignment both create a relationship between a project and a resource using the same data in the same way. Due to this, the Insert() method delegates most of its work to an AddAssignment() method in the Assignment class. You may be wondering why this method opens a connection to the database. Didn t Project open a connection already If you look back at the Project class, you ll see that its code closes the connection before updating any child objects. I m relying on the database connection pooling available in .NET to make this code perform well. Later in the chapter, I ll show how the Resource object and its ResourceAssignment child objects are implemented to share a common database connection. That complicates the code a bit, but may offer some minor performance gains. By looking at both approaches, you can choose which one suits your needs the best.
Figure 35-4. Creating columns in the Grid control You will see a number at the top of each column that you created. The asterisk (*) that follows each number tells you that this is a relative width. If you place your mouse over the number, you will see a small menu appear, as shown in Figure 35-5. This menu allows you to change the mode.
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