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It provides lots of face-to-face communication and review. Customer satisfaction is emphasized.
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Runstats is a tool I developed to compare two different methods of doing the same thing and show which one is superior. You supply the two different methods and Runstats does the rest. Runstats simply measures three key things: Wall clock or elapsed time This is useful to know, but not the most important piece of information. System statistics This shows, side by side, how many times each approach did something (such as a parse call, for example) and the difference between the two. Latching This is the key output of this report.
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Figure 12-3. BackgroundWorker demonstration Before you can use BackgroundWorker, you must define a method that encapsulates the work that you want done on a background thread. This method supports cancellation and takes an integer argument (contained in the CustomWorkerArgs instance that is passed in via the DoWorkEventArgs object) that controls how long the method takes to execute. The long-running operation is simulated via Thread.Sleep: public void performLengthyOperation(object sender, DoWorkEventArgs e) { BackgroundWorker bw = (BackgroundWorker)sender; CustomWorkerArgs args = (CustomWorkerArgs)e.Argument; e.Result = args; for (int i = 1; i <= 10; i++) { if (bw.CancellationPending) { e.Cancel = true; break; } else { Thread.Sleep(args.sleepTime / 10); bw.ReportProgress(i * 10, args);
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Note The preceding behavior statement-level atomicity relies on the PL/SQL routine not performing any commits or rollbacks itself. It is my opinion that COMMIT and ROLLBACK should not be used in general in PL/SQL; the invoker of the PL/SQL stored procedure is the only one that knows when a transaction is complete. It is a bad programming practice to issue a COMMIT or ROLLBACK in your developed PL/SQL routines.
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The INotifyPropertyChanged Interface
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Branching into or out of guarded blocks and handler blocks is illegal. A guarded block must be entered through the top that is, through the instruction located at TryOffset and handler blocks are entered only when they are engaged by the exception handling subsystem of the execution engine. To exit guarded and handler blocks, you must use the instruction leave (or leave.s). You might recall that in 2, this principle was formulated as leave only by leave. Another way to leave any block is to throw an exception using the throw or rethrow instruction.
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Output Redirection Options
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