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What process will be used to host a given tier Whenever out-of-process communication takes place within a distributed application, a facility to start and pin in memory a process that s listening for incoming requests has to exist. This process acts as the host of your listener process. Frequently this host is expecting messages to arrive via the network; however, the same concepts apply when the communication is between two processes on the same machine. When this machine is part of the architecture of a distributed application, it s commonly called an application server. How will communication occur between those tiers This second question directly follows, and is closely related to, the first. What is the host listening for The answer to this question determines what is marshaled between the processes of the distributed application. Sometimes the answer to this question is determined by the choice made for hosting; sometimes it s independent of that choice. A process host can provide a number of services to your application. It can provide automatic startup for your application. It enables you to establish and control an identity that will be used to execute the process, and, therefore, can provide a security boundary between tiers of an application. It can provide complex pooling behaviors, such as the automatic allocation of thread pools or automatic establishment of database connection pools. And it can directly affect maintainability. COM+, which we discussed in the 7, is an example of a process host. You can also create your own custom hosting processes. Deployment of components within a given host dictate the lifetime of, the availability of, and how recycling happens for the process hosting the components. Table 8-1 provides you with a look at the options you have available to address the question of where your processes will be hosted. Table 8-1. Processes You Can Use as Listeners in a Distributed Application
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If you plan to build multiple SharePoint workflow projects, you should install these files into the Global Assembly Cache (GAC). To do this, open the Visual Studio 2005 Command Prompt from the Start Programs menu. Type the following command, replacing [path] with the path to where you placed the DLL files: gacutil /i "c:\[path]\microsoft.sharepoint.workflowactions.dll" After you enter the command, hit Enter, and you should get a message Assembly successfully added to the cache. Continue this for the other DLL files as well. To test out the new project templates that were installed with the ECM, open Visual Studio 2005 and choose File New Project. When the New Project dialog box appears, click VB on the left and choose SharePoint Sequential Workflow Library. Enter VBSharePointSequential as the name. The New Project dialog box will look like Figure 11-1.
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To Do This
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Figure 1-5. A notebook with an integrated display utilizing SideShow
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Return Type
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The variable on the left of the equals sign is called the query variable. Although the types of the query variables are given explicitly in the preceding statements, you could also have had the compiler infer the types of the query variables by using the var keyword in place of the type names. It s important to understand the contents of query variables. After executing the preceding code, query variable lowNums does not contain the results of the query. Instead, it contains an object of type IEnumerable<int>, which can perform the query if it is called upon to do so later in the code. Query variable numsCount, however, contains an actual integer value, which can only have been obtained by actually running the query.
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Type of Operator
Figure 4-15. Antialiased stripes
string string DateTime string Hashtable bool string string float bool DateTime string
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