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4: Memory Structures
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CHAPTER 6: Multiplatform Game Development: iPhone Games for Linux and Windows
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Text Antialiasing
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{ // tell the object to update itself MethodCaller.CallMethod( busObj, "DataPortal_Update"); } // mark the object as old MethodCaller.CallMethodIfImplemented( busObj, "MarkOld"); } } If the object s IsDeleted property returns true, then the object should be deleted. It is possible that the object is also new, in which case there s actually nothing to delete; otherwise, the DataPortal_DeleteSelf() method is invoked: if (busObj.IsDeleted) { if (!busObj.IsNew) { // tell the object to delete itself MethodCaller.CallMethod( busObj, "DataPortal_DeleteSelf"); } // mark the object as new MethodCaller.CallMethodIfImplemented( busObj, "MarkNew"); } In either case, the MarkNew() method is invoked to reset the object s state to new and dirty. The definition of a new object is that its primary key value isn t in the database, and since that data was just deleted, the object certainly meets that criteria. The definition of a dirty object is that its data values don t match values in the database, and again, the object now certainly meets that criteria as well. If the object wasn t marked for deletion, then it needs to be either inserted or updated. If IsNew is true, then DataPortal_Insert() is invoked: if (busObj.IsNew) { // tell the object to insert itself MethodCaller.CallMethod( busObj, "DataPortal_Insert"); } Similarly, if the object isn t new, then DataPortal_Update() is invoked. In either case, the object s primary key and data values now reflect values in the database, so the object is clearly not new or dirty. The MarkOld() method is called to set the object s state accordingly: MethodCaller.CallMethodIfImplemented( busObj, "MarkOld");
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not come to the foreground. I had to hunt it out to click OK to end the installation process.
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1. Select the Rectangle tool and create a Rectangle in the workspace.
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The developer community has two options to develop dynamic language-based Silverlight applications. Traditional Approach: Use of the Chiron.exe development utility. This approach is more or less an obsolete approach and, as a result, this chapter will provide a high-level overview for the readers, who are already familiar with this approach. The high-level introduction will help those readers to migrate from this approach to the Just-Text approach. Just-Text Approach: In-line browser scripting approach.
Figure 5-39. Rotate the right-most UserControl to 45 degees.
After implementing the framework to support this 5-layer architecture, I ll create a sample application with three different interfaces: Windows Forms, Web Forms, and Web Services. This will give you the opportunity to see firsthand how the framework supports the following models: High-scalability smart client Optimal performance web client Optimal performance web service Due to the way the framework is implemented, switching to any of the other models just discussed will require only configuration file changes. The result is that you can easily adapt your application to any of the physical configurations without having to change your code.
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