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What Version of the CLR Does My Application Use
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Importing Movies from DVDs
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Though it may use different network channels to do its work, the primary job of Csla.DataPortal is to delegate the client s call to an object on the server. This object is of type Csla.Server.DataPortal, and its primary responsibility is to route the client s call to Csla.Server.SimpleDataPortal, which actually implements the message router behavior. The reason Csla.Server.DataPortal is involved in this process is so it can establish a distributed transactional context if requested by the business object. The CSLA .NET framework allows a business developer to choose between manually handling transactions, using Enterprise Services (COM+) transactions, or using System.Transactions. The business developer indicates his preference through the use of the custom Csla. TransactionalAttribute. Earlier in the chapter, Table 4-4 listed all the possible options when using this attribute on a DataPortal_XYZ method.
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Rank specifiers int[,,] firstArray; int[,] arr1; long[,,] arr3; read qr code
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The Message screen includes another way to delete messages. Follow these steps to do so: 1. Open any message to read it.
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Figure 10-4. Since assemblies SuperLib and UltraLib both contain declarations for a class called SquareWidget, the compiler doesn t know which one to instantiate.
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If a range name appears in the Table/Range box and the range is not selected, you can check the name definition, to find its location, and to see if there are any problems with the name definition: 1. On the Ribbon, click the Formulas tab, and in the Defined Names group, click Name Manager. 2. In the Name Manager, the Excel Tables and defined names are listed (see Figure 7-1). Select a name in the list, and in the Refers To box, you ll see the worksheet name on which the range is located.
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New page
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Business Logic in the Middle (Merged Business and Data Access Layers)
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Figure 4-3. UML class diagram for the StockTraderTypes definition assembly
Figure 1-6. Interoperable Web services specifications, including the WS-I Basic Profile The high-level groupings of Web services specifications fall into these categories: Transport: This group defines the communication protocols for moving raw data between Web services. It includes HTTP HTTPS, and SMTP , . Messaging: This group defines how to format the XML messages that Web services exchange. It includes the SOAP specification for encoding messages, and the XML and XSD specifications for the message vocabulary. The specifications are independent of a particular transport protocol. The Messaging group also includes the WS-Addressing specification, which decouples destination information for the request from the underlying transport protocol. WS-Addressing can, for example, be used to define multiple destinations for an XML message. Description: This group defines specifications that allow a Web service to describe itself. The core specifications are WSDL (for the service contract), and XSD (for defining data type schemas). It also includes the WS-Policy specification, which describes the policy that a Web service enforces when it communicates with a client. For example, a Web service may have specific requirements for how its interface operations are called. The WS-Policy specification allows the Web service to tell prospective clients what rules to follow in order to execute a successful service request. Finally, this group includes the UDDI specification for discovering and describing Web services. Service Assurances: Web services cannot simply exchange XML messages. They must also provide the client with some assurance that the messages will be transmitted in a secure way and that the client can expect some kind of response, even if something goes wrong at some point in the workflow. This group of specifications includes WS-Security (which provides authentication mechanisms), WS-Reliable Messaging (to ensure the delivery of messages over unreliable networks), and several transaction-related specifications.
You can set the zoom level of a map using the zoom parameter of the LoadMap method. This parameter can take an integer value from 0, which corresponds to the map view from 5,000 miles altitude, to 19, which corresponds to the map view from 30 yards altitude. Note that not all zoom levels are available for all locations in the world. However, the maximum zoom level is available for all U.S. mainland locations. Lastly, you can also set the zoom level of a map by using the SetZoomLevel accessor method of the VEMap control. Using the following method call for the map, you will see the map of the world as shown in Figure 9-6:
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