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At this point, the key requirements for the application have been gathered from the use cases. Based on these use cases, it is possible to create an object-oriented design. There are a variety of techniques used in object-oriented design (you may have heard of CRC cards and decomposition, in addition to others), and in this chapter, I ll use ideas from both decomposition and CRC cards. A form of decomposition will be used to identify the nouns in the use cases, and then narrow down which of these are actual business objects. These objects will be described in terms of their class, responsibility, and collaborators (CRC).
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There are some differences in the notation, which are illustrated by Figure 13-6.
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Definition An activity is a discrete unit of functionality used to build a workflow. Send Email, Create
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However, it is very laborious to collect information about a culture, create a resource file, and add all the resource strings each time for every new culture. Therefore, I wrote a tool named CultureViewer (see Figure 10-9) that automates this process. This application lists all available cultures under Windows and displays all parameters and their values. In case that isn t enough, it further allows you to export a selected culture, including all parameter values, as a resource file with string resources. The only thing you have to do is add the exported .resx file to a project so that the new culture can be used. You can find the CultureViewer tool in this chapter s directory, in the CultureViewer project.
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Figure 16-4. Creation of development storage
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Note With the introduction of support to UDP multicast clients by introducing two new classes
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The code in Listing 2-10 defines a preprocessor constant called HIGH_SCORES_URL and assigns it the address to the simple high-scores web service. This example is going to run in the iPhone simulator that comes with the SDK, so it is OK to use localhost. To deploy this to an iPhone or iPod touch, change localhost to the IP address of the computer where you run your simple high-scores web service. After defining this constant, the code defines a method named getHighScores, which calls another method, getHighScoresFromWebService, with the URL constant as parameter. It is in this second method that work begins in loading the URL. First, you set a title to rootViewController, indicating you are getting the high scores, and then you make the network activity indicator visible. Next, you allocate an NSURL object with the high-scores web service URL, and use that to allocate the NSURLRequest object.
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Note An AvailableNetworkSession contains a lot of useful information, such as the QualityOfService
A new image picker dialog has been added that allows you to easily select images and will take care of formatting the returned path for you (see Figure 15-6).
Member constants are like the local constants covered in the previous chapter, except that they are declared in the class declaration, as in the following example: class MyClass { const int IntVal = 100; } Type Initializer const double PI = 3.1416;
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