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How does the markup in your ASPX file become an instance of a binary executable at runtime How does the work that s done in the code-behind page manifest in that markup What does it really mean when an attribute of the page directive is named Inherits and its value is the fully qualified name of the class in your code-behind The code generator answers all of these questions The ASP .NET Framework actually puts off a lot of the code generation that used to be done at design time until code is generated for the ASPX file s markup. You have a few options for the structure of a Web Form. You can choose to use inline coding or the code-behind model. If you choose code inline, your code will be encapsulated in the ASPX page within a server-side script block. If you choose code-behind, you use partial classes (the 2.0 model); one class to contain your code and another to contain markup code the Framework auto-generates. Visual Studio 2005 provides much better support for IntelliSense in the markup than Visual Studio 2003 did. You get IntelliSense in directives, User Control declarations, and yes, in inline code (code within a script element that has the runat=server attribute). The Add Web Form dialog has been modified to accommodate this new structure, as shown in Figure 3-3.
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System.Data.OracleClient is available in .NET 4.0, but is marked as deprecated. Microsoft says this is because most developers use partner company Oracle providers. Microsoft will continue to issue hotfixes for critical OracleClient issues. For more info, refer to 2009/06/15/system-data-oracleclient-update.aspx.
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Figure 20-1. Overview of enumerators and enumerables The foreach construct is designed to work with enumerables. As long as the object it is given to iterate over is an enumerable type, such as an array, it will perform the following actions: Getting the object s enumerator by calling the GetEnumerator method Requesting each item from the enumerator and making it available to your code as the iteration variable, which your code can read, but not change Must be enumerable foreach( Type VarName in EnumerableObject ) { ... }
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TIP Query performance can also be further increased by using the orderby clause in your LINQ query when combined with a filtering operation such as where because the ordering will then be applied only to the filtered results.
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button1.BeginAnimation(Button.WidthProperty, myAnimation);
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Figure 2-3. Viewing the calendar page in a browser
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Note Unfortunately, some of the features in this chapter are not available in the Express edition of Visual Studio. This is one area where Microsoft differentiates between the free and commercial versions of its product.
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Double-click the Home button. Swipe left to right to see the iPod and screen-lock controls. Touch the Portrait Orientation Lock button in the left end of icons. To disable the lock, tap the same button again.
Using C++ Classes in Managed Code
while (col < BOARD_SIZE && workingBoard[row, col] != nullptr) { col++; } // We've reached the end of the board, so the play is complete. if (col == BOARD_SIZE) { // Consume any additional input. Console::ReadLine(); return true; } } else { while (row < BOARD_SIZE && workingBoard[row, col] != nullptr) { row++; } if (row == BOARD_SIZE) { // Consume any additional input. Console::ReadLine(); return true; } } } else // The letter was not found. { Console::WriteLine("You do not have enough {0}s to play.", letter); // Consume any additional character input. Console::ReadLine(); return false; } } while (code != safe_cast<int>('\n')); return true; }
{ Boolean CreateReview(String Reviewer, String Reviewee); event EventHandler<ExternalDataEventArgs > ReviewApproved; event EventHandler<ExternalDataEventArgs > ReviewNotApproved; } class ReviewService:IReview { static String StrReviewer; static String StrReviewee; public event EventHandler<ExternalDataEventArgs > ReviewApproved; public event EventHandler<ExternalDataEventArgs > ReviewNotApproved; public Boolean CreateReview(String Reviewer, String Reviewee) { StrReviewer = Reviewer; StrReviewee = Reviewee; MessageBox.Show("Reviewer: " + Reviewer); ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem (AskForApproval ,new ReviewEventArgs(WorkflowEnvironment.WorkflowInstanceId,Reviewer )); return true; } public void AskForApproval(Object O) { DialogResult Result; ReviewEventArgs revieweargs = O as ReviewEventArgs ; Guid instanceId = revieweargs.InstanceId; string alias = revieweargs.Alias; Result = MessageBox.Show("Do you approve the review for " + StrReviewee + " ", "Approval", MessageBoxButtons.YesNo); if (Result == DialogResult.Yes) { ReviewApproved(null, revieweargs); } else { ReviewNotApproved(null, revieweargs); } } } } Add a breakpoint to the MessageBox line in the preceding code (within the CreateReview sub). Execute the workflow. When the breakpoint is encountered, press F11 through the message box. Press F11 again, and the threadpool code executes. Press F11 again, and instead of entering the AskForApproval sub, the Return True code is executed and control goes out of the CreateReview sub. If you continue, instead of pressing F11, the message box asking for approval will appear for a brief second, if at all. That s because the workflow has executed the activity and has moved on. There s no next activity within the workflow, so the workflow terminates. This is the reason for adding a Listen activity.
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