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In contrast, here is a Reflection example: MyNamespace.MyEnclosingClass+MyNestedClass, OtherAssembly, Version=, PublicKeyToken=0102030405060708, Culture=fr-CA According to Reflection conventions, the resolution scope specification can be omitted if the referenced class is defined in the current assembly or in Mscorlib.dll. In ILAsm, as you know, the resolution scope is omitted only if the class is defined in the current module. The byte sequence representing the prolog and the constructor arguments is followed by the 2-byte count of the name/value pairs. A name/value pair specifies which particular field or property must be initialized to a certain value. The name/value pair encoding begins with the serialization code of the target: FIELD or PROPERTY. The next byte is the serialization code of the target type, which is limited to the primitive types, enums, STRING, and TYPE. After the target type comes the name of the target, encoded the same way a string argument would be: the compressed length, followed by the string itself in UTF-8 encoding, without the 0 terminator. Immediately after the target name is the target initialization value, encoded similarly to the arguments. For example, the name/ value pair initializing a field (0x53) of type bool (0x02) named Inherited (length 0x09) to true (0x01) is encoded as this byte sequence: 0x53 0x02 0x09 0x49 0x6E 0x68 0x65 0x72 0x69 0x74 0x65 0x64 0x01 There is a specific way to encode the enumerations in name/value pairs. If the type of a field or property is an enum, the target type encoding starts with SERIALIZATION_TYPE_ENUM (0x55) rather than with ELEMENT_TYPE_VALUETYPE, as you would expect. The SERIALIZATION_TYPE_ENUM byte is followed by the compressed length of the full enum s name in Reflection notation and the name itself without the zero terminator.
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Figure 5-12. Rule Set Editor after adding a rule Change the Name to GreaterThan0. Within the Condition area, enter this.IntValue>0. In the Then Actions area, enter this.IntValue=0. This rule sets the value of IntValue to 0 if it s greater than 0. The completed rule is shown in Figure 5-13.
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into any detail as to what these messages look like. This additional information would be unnecessary because the <messages> element already does an excellent job of documenting the types that factor into a given message. This division of responsibility makes the WSDL document very efficient, but at the same time hard to read because you have to look in several places to assemble the full details of the documented Web service. But if you keep in mind that this is the approach that the WSDL document is following, then you will find the document much easier to understand. In this chapter, I will describe the elements of a WSDL document so that you can understand how this document fully describes a Web service. I will also show you those aspects of the WSDL document that you may wish to edit manually.
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Arrays are reference types, and as with all reference types, they have both a reference to the data and the data object itself. The reference is in either the stack or the heap, and the data object itself will always be in the heap. Figure 14-3 shows the memory configuration and components of an array.
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turning on mobile notifications to deliver SMS messages for Brightkite activity, such as a nearby check-in. Late one night at Brightkite headquarters, we tested the first prototype of this sign-up flow. I remember handing Martin May my iPhone and the latest build. Martin ran through the sign-up process by creating a test account. We looked at each other, and I got the feeling plans were about to change. A moment later, Martin firmly stated, This is too complex. With that, the sign-up process quickly changed to the final shipping implementation (see Figure 3-4), which launched a first time user right into the application after completing a very simple onepage screen. The new sign-up process minimized the number of fields requiring data input to the bare necessities needed for authentication purposes, such as username and password. Helpful text hints inform the user about the information we are asking for, and the text content and color changes if necessary as the user types, for example, if the provided e-mail address is not a valid format or the password is too short. By reducing the number of screens, keeping data input to a minimum, and adapting the sign-up screen s messaging as the user interacts with the application, the shipping implementation vastly reduced the barriers preventing someone from trying Brightkite. We still exposed all of the original features of the initial signup process in the application s Settings tab. This was very easy to do because of a technical design decision we made in building the Settings tab. Brightkite s web site is full of customization options and settings. Martin and Brady wanted to expose as many of these as possible via the iPhone application, with a simple means to add more over time. We built the Settings tab to construct itself from a hierarchy defined in a property list similar to an iPhone application s Info.plist file. From a code maintenance perspective, this gave Brightkite the ability to add or remove items from the Settings tab with relative ease.
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Configuring the Class Library Project
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