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For example, the following code implements an enumerator class that lists an array of color names: using System.Collections; class ColorEnumerator: IEnumerator { string[] Colors; Implements IEnumerator int Position = -1; public object Current { get { if (Position == -1) throw new InvalidOperationException(); if (Position == Colors.Length) throw new InvalidOperationException(); return Colors[Position]; } } public bool MoveNext() { if (Position < Colors.Length - 1) { Position++; return true; } else return false; } public void Reset() { Position = -1; } public ColorEnumerator(string[] theColors) { Colors = new string[theColors.Length]; for (int i = 0; i < theColors.Length; i++) Colors[i] = theColors[i]; } } // MoveNext // Current
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In previous releases of WPF, text could sometimes appear a bit blurry. This is fixed in WPF 4.0 (possibly driven by the need for clear text in VS2010 IDE) and you now have much finer-grained control over how text is rendered with the new TextFormattingMode and TextRenderingMode properties.
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How It Works
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The preceding section showed that only a single user has access to the credit card data for a small handful of privileges. I isolated one privilege that should be revoked, the ALTER privilege. As I have said, this is a very naive view. Let me now show you the other users who have access to the data. Listing 15-4 shows how to locate other objects (procedures, views, and so forth) that have access to the credit card table. Listing 15-4. Locating Any Objects That Access ORABLOG.CREDIT_CARD SQL> SQL> SQL> SQL> 2 3 4 col name for a20 head "Name" col owner for a20 head "Owner" col type for a20 head "Type" select owner,name,type from dba_dependencies where referenced_name="CREDIT_CARD" and referenced_owner="ORABLOG"; Name -------------------REP_CC_COUNT CC1 Type -------------------FUNCTION VIEW
// Step 8: Display the results Console.WriteLine("Web Service call successful. Result:"); Console.WriteLine( " " ); Console.WriteLine( "Symbol: " + strQuote.Symbol ); Console.WriteLine( "Price: " + strQuote.Last ); Console.WriteLine( "Change: " + strQuote.PercentChange + "%"); // Step 9: Execute a second stock quote request Quote strQuote = serviceProxy.RequestQuote("INTC"); }
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