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IndexField WhereEqual() ReIndex() Loaded InvalidateIndex() LoadComplete()
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writing a large batch update that would affect most of the rows in a given table and you wanted to be sure that no one would block you. By locking the table in this manner, you can be assured that your update will be able to do all of its work without getting blocked by other transactions. It would be the rare application, however, that has a LOCK TABLE statement in it.
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property to MouseLeave in the Trigger bucket of the Properties panel (see Figure 11-31).
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Mustang updates the javax.swing package to provide even better support for your graphic user interfaces. The changes include expanding the functionality of the existing components and bringing into the standard libraries a class that has been around in one form or another since the early days of the Java platform. The following list shows the new features of Swing to be highlighted: Table sorting and filtering The SwingWorker class JTabbedPane component tabs Text component printing Drag-and-drop support
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<Product> <ProductID>10021</ProductID> <ProductName>Acme Time Travel Device</ProductName> <Price>855.99</Price> <Quantity>9</Quantity> </Product> <Product> <ProductID>10045</ProductID> <ProductName>Acme Personal Clone</ProductName> <Price>900.99</Price> <Quantity>1</Quantity> </Product> </ns0:Order> The vendor has saved the file as acmeProducts.xml and will make the list available to your organization on a daily basis. For you to really do anything worthwhile within BizTalk, you need to get that information into your system for processing. Figure 8-1 shows a basic premise for this reception path.
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As in Listing 10-4 with the import java.beans.ConstructorProperties; line, don t forget to Tip import the classes for the annotations. Without the import line, the compiler will look in the default package for the annotation class (@ConstructorProperties here). The compiler has no internal mapping of annotations to classes in other packages.
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Figure 9-7. Select the Hosted Services from the portal to deploy an application to the cloud
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The Problem
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5-12. Write a Custom Content Importer: Loading a Terrain from a CSV File
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This chapter has walked through the process of creating a basic Windows Forms UI using the business objects from 8. Obviously, there are many ways to create a UI using Windows Forms, so the goal of this chapter was to highlight how you can use data binding to easily create grid-based and detail forms to view and edit object data. The ProjectEdit user control also illustrates how to leverage the n-level undo support built into CSLA .NET business objects. This capability is also used by the DataGridView control to provide in-place editing of data. The key point to take from this chapter is that when you create your business layer using business objects, the UI developer doesn t need to worry about validation or authorization rules, data access, or most other complex issues. The UI developer can focus on user interaction, the look and feel of the application, and so forth. The result is a high degree of separation between the UI layer and the business layer. At the same time, because the objects use the data portal mechanism to retrieve and update data, the application is able to exploit the capabilities of mobile objects: running business logic on both the client workstation and an application server as appropriate. Better still, you can simply change the application configuration file to switch between various physical n-tier configurations to meet different performance, scalability, reliability, and security requirements. 12 will show how to implement the various application server hosts for each network channel. First though, 10 will cover the implementation of a Web Forms UI based on the same set of business objects. Although there are obvious differences between the Windows Forms and Web Forms environments, we ll achieve total reuse of the business logic and data access code when moving from one UI type to the next.
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Design Patterns for SOAP Messaging with WS-Addressing and Routing
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