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In this chapter, we will discuss the various types of database tables and cover when you might want to use each type (i.e., when one type of table is more appropriate than another). We will concentrate on the physical storage characteristics of the tables: how the data is organized and stored. Once upon a time, there was only one type of table, really: a normal table. It was managed in the same way a heap of stuff is managed (the definition of which appears in the next section). Over time, Oracle added more sophisticated types of tables. Now, in addition to the heap organized table, there are clustered tables (three types of those), index organized tables, nested tables, temporary tables, external tables, and object tables. Each type of table has different characteristics that make it suitable for use in different application areas.
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Previously, if a static resource was declared in app.xaml, you could not use it in the designer. In VS2010, you can.
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9. In the Appearance section of the Properties panel, give the Border a BorderThickness of 3
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which is fine. We just need to add the interface information to the end of it. Add the following to the end of the class line, immediately after SequenceActivity: , IActivityEventListener < ActivityExecutionStatusChangedEventArgs > Yes, the comma is required. The next piece of code we need to add is for two dependency properties. We covered dependency properties in the simple activity earlier so I won t rehash it here. Flip back to the Adding Custom Properties section if you need a refresher, but the Code Snippet really makes this a pretty simple operation. The first dependency property is going to be called Condition and is of type ActivityCondition. This property will be used to determine whether we should write anything to the log. Because this property is of type ActivityCondition, it will be displayed in the Visual Studio Properties window just like Condition properties for other activities which we ll look at further in s 6 and 8. As mentioned in the scenario, we are going to be tying this property to a global variable so that workflow builders can control the logging for their entire workflow from a single place. The next dependency property we need to add is a Boolean flag used to indicate whether our activity is executing. As we ll see, this will tie into the process of catching the event fired when our child activities finish processing. We ll call it Running and as mentioned, it is of type bool. We ll see both of these properties in action in just a moment. Next, though, we need to revisit our old friend the Execute method. Remember, it is this method that is called by the workflow host to start our activity processing.
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Since a DynamicVertexBuffer is needed in cases when you want to frequently update its contents, you can expect the SetData method to be used a lot. Therefore, the SetData method of a DynamicVertexBuffer accepts an extra argument, SetDataOptions. This argument allows you to specify some interesting options, which can improve the overall speed of your application. By default, whenever you want to overwrite the contents of RAM on the graphics card, your graphics card can t read from that section because it doesn t support simultaneous reading and writing. When writing to a large, important section of memory, this could cause the drawing operation of your graphics card to stall, because it has to wait for your copy operation to be completed. However, there are two ways you can make sure your graphics card doesn t have to wait for your copy operation to be completed. You can indicate this using the SetDataOptions argument; the following are the possible values: SetDataOptions.None: This option gives you full control over which parts of the VertexBuffer to overwrite. However, as explained previously, this can come at a performance penalty. If the graphics card is rendering from the previous contents of the VertexBuffer at the time you issue your SetData command, your graphics card has to stall its drawing operation until all the slow copying has been finished! SetDataOptions.Discard: Using this option, you indicate you don t need the previous contents of the VertexBuffer anymore. The data you write using this option will be stored in a new spot in video RAM. Although this is happening, the graphics card can happily continue to render from the old contents. Once the writing has been finished, the graphics card is kindly requested to use the new contents from then on, and the old contents are discarded. In short, the graphics card does not have to wait, but you have to rewrite all the data. (This option cannot be used when programming for Xbox 360. You should use a DrawUserIndexedPrimitive call to render frequently changed vertex data on Xbox 360.)
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The classic approach is to put all logic into the database as the single, central repository. The presentation and UI then allow the user to enter absolutely anything (because any validation would be redundant), and the Business Logic layer now resides inside the database. The Data Access layer does nothing but move the data into and out of the database, as shown in Figure 1-10.
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The IEnumerable interface has only a single member, method GetEnumerator, which returns an enumerator for the object. Figure 20-4 shows class MyClass, which has three items to enumerate, and implements the IEnumerable interface by implementing the GetEnumerator method.
Maintains a cache with an AuthorizationRulesManager object for each business object type Maintains a list of RolesForProperty objects, each one containing the roles for a specific property Maintains the lists of allowed and denied roles for reading and writing a specific property
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