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The BusinessBase class is the base from which all editable (read-write) business objects will be created. In other words, to create a business object, inherit from BusinessBase, as shown here: [Serializable()] public class Customer : BusinessBase<Customer> { } When creating a subclass, the business developer must provide the specific type of new business object as a type parameter to BusinessBase<T>. This allows the generic BusinessBase type to expose strongly typed methods corresponding to the specific business object type.
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Using the Custom Delegate
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We ll be making use of both of these templates in the course of this chapter. We ll get started with a simple sequential workflow and then build a state machine workflow later in the chapter to wrap things up.
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If you rearrange the fields in a pivot chart, the same changes are made to the related pivot table. You can create a second pivot table, by copying the first one, and arrange it as you d like. Then, when you change the pivot chart, only the original pivot table is affected. You can hide the first pivot table that s connected to the pivot chart and use the second pivot table for displaying or printing. If you require several charts based on the same pivot table, but with different layouts, create multiple pivot tables as copies of the original pivot table. Create one pivot chart from each of the secondary pivot tables, and rearranging one won t affect the others.
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------------------------------------------------------------------------------| 0|SELECT STATEMENT | | 25 | 25 | 175 | 175 | 3 3 (0)|00:00:01 | (0)| 00:00:01 |
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that they will stay. As soon as they are created, they are committed and visible. These partitions are created using a recursive transaction, a transaction executed separate and distinct from any transaction you might already be performing. When we went to insert the row and the database discovered that the partition we needed did not exist, the database immediately started a new transaction, updated the data dictionary to reflect the new partition s existence, and committed its work. It must do this, or there would be severe contention (serialization) on many inserts as other transactions would have to wait for
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Replace an array with as few changes as possible. Create a linked list.
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where the application is adding or editing customer data something that isn t occurring while working with invoices. Instead, the InvoiceEdit object should directly interact with the customer data it needs to do its job. Through these two examples, it should be clear that sometimes multiple objects will use the same relational data. In other cases, a single object will use relational data from different data entities. In the end, the same customer data is being used by three different objects. The point, though, is that each one of these objects has a clearly defined responsibility that defines the object s behavior. Data is merely a resource the object needs to implement that behavior.
For instance, a CustomerEdit object may be responsible for adding and editing customer data. A CustomerInfo object in the same application may be responsible for providing read-only access to customer data. Both objects will use the same data from the same database and table, but they provide different behaviors. Similarly, an InvoiceEdit object may be responsible for adding and editing invoice data. But invoices include some customer data. A na ve solution is to have the InvoiceEdit object make use of the aforementioned CustomerEdit object. That CustomerEdit object should only be used in the case
This code produces the following output: Class A Message: Class A Message: Class A Message: Message from OnOneSecond Message from OnOneSecond Message from OnOneSecond
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