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With a manual process in place, we can start automating one step at a time with NAnt tasks, until the entire deployment process is automated. Many teams already employ a build process in the form of a Microsoft Word document or wiki entry, detailing the manual steps. It s only a matter of finding the corresponding NAnt task for each manual task, and the deployment is automated. If no NAnt task exists for a particular operation, NAnt provides the exec task, which can execute anything that can execute on the command line. These are the key NAnt tasks for deployments:
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using System; namespace AspNetAjaxInAction { public class Location { private double latitude = 0.0; private double longitude = 0.0; public double Latitude { get { return this.latitude; } set { this.latitude = value; } } public double Longitude { get { return this.longitude; } set { this.longitude = value; } } public Location() { } } }
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namespace System.Collections.Generic { public interface IEnumerable<out T> : IEnumerable { new IEnumerator<T> GetEnumerator(); } public interface IEnumerator<out T> : IDisposable, IEnumerator { new T Current { get; } }
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Garment.prototype.isValid=function(){ return garments[]!=null; }
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Finally, to test our solution we ll write a simple Test class. In the sections that follow, we will use this class as a basis for adding authentication and authorization in the conventional way; later in the chapter, we will use the class to test the AspectJ-based solution. Listing 10.5 shows the implementation of the Test class.
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protected void pauseApp() { } protected void destroyApp(boolean unconditional) { } }
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Configuring the access key
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Introducing JBoss Seam
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Working with data
Hibernate Search mapping annotations
We began our interface command with the @interface directive B and ended it with the @end directive E. Note that our @interface directive included not only our class name, but also the name of its superclass, following a colon. It could also include a list of protocols, a topic we ll return to later in this section. The variable declaration C is entirely normal. NSString is a type that we ll meet when we look at the iPhone OS later in this chapter. Note that you don t have to declare all of your variables in your @interface, but just those instance variables that you want to be accessible outside their methods. You ll declare variables that are used within only individual methods inside those methods, as you d expect. Our method declaration D contains a typed description of a method with one argument, matching the syntax we ve seen for messages already. It also contains one other new element: we ve started it with a . That means that this is an instance method, which is a method that can only be used by an instance object. Its opposite number, which is marked with a +, is the class method, which is used by a class object. The id type used as the return of growFruit is another Objective-C innovation. Objective-C allows for dynamic typing, where type is decided at runtime. To support this, it includes the weak type of id, which can be a pointer to any object. Before we finish our discussion of method declarations, we d like to mention that, as with variables, you only have to declare those methods that can be called externally. Methods that remain internal to a class can remain hidden if you so desire.
Drag variables
Running this code correctly generates a 300-bee swarm and the message in Figure 12-2.
To add new references, click the Add button just below the list, and select Reference if prompted for the type of reference to add. On the Add Reference form, the .NET tab should already be active. It s pretty amazing to see just how many .NET assemblies are installed on your system already. But don t just sit there gawking: select both System.Data and System.Xml from the component list, and then click the OK button. The list of references in the project properties should now include both of the selected namespace libraries. We can now refer to classes in the System.Data namespace directly. But typing System. Data before each use of a data-related class will get tedious. We could sprinkle Imports System.Data statements throughout the files in the project, but Visual Studio provides a more centralized solution. Since you still have the References tab open, look down to the Imported namespaces section. The large checklist indicates which namespaces should be automatically imported throughout your application. These namespaces don t require separate Imports statements in your code, but your source code acts as though you had added them anyway. Go ahead and select the checkbox next to the System.Data entry in this list. Then close the project properties window.
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