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Animation classes are organized into families. Each family consists of a base class from which the animation classes derive. Figure 10.13 shows the families that make up the animation framework. In the Toolkit animation framework, you can create animations three different ways:
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public class XSLTFilter implements Filter { private FilterConfig filterConfig;
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Figure 10.2 Recommended architecture for asynchronous clustering
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session.createCriteria(User.class) .add( Expression.like("firstname", "G%") ) .list(); session.createCriteria(User.class) .add( Expression.like("firstname", "G", MatchMode.START) ) .list();
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6.6 Streaming data to a message-driven EJB
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interface IFactory<Brand> where Brand : IBrand { IBag CreateBag( ); IShoes CreateShoes( ); } // Factories (both in the same one) class Factory<Brand> : IFactory<Brand> where Brand : IBrand, new( ) { public IBag CreateBag( ) { return new Bag<Brand>( ); } public IShoes CreateShoes( ) { return new Shoes<Brand>( ); } }
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Messaging with the queue
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public IEnumerable<string> GetItems() { lock (lockObject) { return items.ToArray(); } }
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public void endAuction(Item item) { // Reattach item itemDAO.makePersistent(item); // Set winning bid Bid winningBid = itemDAO.getMaxBid( item.getId() ); item.setWinningBid(winningBid); item.setBuyer( winningBid.getBidder() ); // Charge seller Payment payment = new Payment(item); paymentDAO.makePersistent(payment); // Notify seller and winner ... } ... }
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{ }
The BillingDetails class is mapped as an entity. Its discriminator, identifier, and name properties are value typed, and we use the built-in Hibernate mapping types to specify the conversion strategy. It isn t often necessary to explicitly specify a built-in mapping type in the XML mapping document. For instance, if you have a property of Java type java.lang.String, Hibernate discovers this using reflection and selects string by default. We can easily simplify the previous mapping example:
bankName: String bankSwift: String
Dealing with Dynamic WHERE clause criteria
The classes that are available as Handlers
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