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Closures are very easy to create and far too easy to create accidentally, because closures bind otherwise local variables and keep them from the garbage collector. If DOM nodes, for example, get caught up in this way, then inadvertently created closures can lead to significant memory leaks over time. The most common situation in which to create closures is when binding an event-handler callback function to the source of the event. As we discussed in section B.3.4, the callback is invoked with a context and set of arguments that is sometimes not as useful as it might be. We presented a pattern for attaching additional references (the Model object) to the DOM element that generates the event, allowing us to retrieve the Model via the DOM element. Closures provide an alternative way of doing this, as illustrated here:
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UIResponder methods that we used in the previous section (such as touchesBegan:withEvent:), a UIControl object turns standard touch events into special con-
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package org.example.antbook.cpu; import junit.framework.*; public class CpuInfoTest extends TestCase { private CpuInfo clock; public CpuInfoTest(String name) { super(name); } public void setUp() { clock=new CpuInfo(); } public void testClockCallReturns() { long time1=clock.getCpuClock(); } public void testClockCodeWorks() { long time1=clock.getCpuClock(); long time2=clock.getCpuClock(); long diff=time2-time1; System.out.println("Invocation time="+diff+" cycles"); assertTrue(diff>0); } public void testJitOptimization() { int iterations=10000; long diff=spin(iterations); diff=spin(iterations); assertTrue(diff>0); int average=(int)(((float)diff)/iterations); System.out.println("Total time=" + diff+" cycles"); System.out.println("Invocation time="+average+" cycles"); }
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public void doFilter( ServletRequest request, ServletResponse response, FilterChain chain) throws IOException, ServletException { if (isValidRequest(request)){ Check request validity chain.doFilter(request, response); }else if (rejectUrl!=null){ Forward to reject URL RequestDispatcher dispatcher =request.getRequestDispatcher(rejectUrl); dispatcher.forward(request, response); } }
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the AllowPaging and AllowSorting properties to true. In addition, it has also set the SortExpression to the name of the field. Finally, you ll notice on the declaration of the GridView that it has set AutoGenerateColumns to False. If you were creating the GridView by hand, and if you want to let the grid create all the columns directly from the retrieved data, you could simplify the code by setting AutoGenerateColumns to True. (If AutoGenerateColumns is set to True, and you also include explicitly bound columns, then you will display duplicate data.) To see this at work, create a second GridView by dragging another GridView control from the Toolbox inside the UpdatePanel, below the first. In the Smart Tag, set the Data Source to the same source as that of the first, SqlDataSource1. Click on the Enable Paging and Enable Sorting checkboxes. Now go to Source view. If necessary, delete the <columns> collection from the new grid, GridView2. Change AutoGenerateColumns to the default value: True. The declaration for this second GridView should look something like the following:
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INSERT SNIPPET Insert 19, Snippet Item 12.
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Developing a simple AspectJ-based solution
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The assembly returns an array of types that we can display in a foreach loop, as shown in Example 17-3. Because this example uses the Type class, you will want to add a using directive for the System.Reflection namespace.
Listing 3.1 A value object for customer data
Throwing an error in this situation is a bit extreme as almost everything that works with Crimson should work with Xerces. However, the opposite is not true: there are
Now that the namespace has been added to the class file we are able to use unqualified type names within our code and have it compile successfully. Defining the SQL queries For this application we will not use stored procedures, but instead be use parameterized SQL that is embedded in the data layer as strings. Open up the AW.Portal.Data project and add a new C# class file named SQL.cs. The SQL file will contain all the SQL strings and will be accessed by the data access methods. Listing 1.6 shows some of the SQL strings embedded within a static class.
public class JMSPublisher { private TopicConnection private TopicSession private TopicPublisher private Topic private TopicConnectionFactory private String
This way, one CCNet instance will ask another instance about the Framework build. In addition, the innerTrigger element lets you define how often it happens. In this case, it will poll the changes from other CCNet servers every 30 seconds rather than the default 5 seconds, which may be too often for a distributed scenario. What if you have a long-running build that you want to perform once a day, possibly at night For example, you may need to generate documentation from your source code. This takes a lot of time, and it isn t necessary to generate the documentation whenever the source code changes. You can use the schedule trigger to accomplish this. Let s define it:
That file would be classified as Content, and could move into this setup project through the Content Files selection. But there are other ways to include online help in the installation, which we ll see in the next step. For now, I ll stick with the Primary output selection, and click the Next button.
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