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Listing 4.15 AssociationDemoAspect.java: using default association
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Solution to Question 13-1. The interface defines the methods, properties, and so forth that the implementing class must provide. The implementing class provides these members and, optionally, additional members. Solution to Question 13-2. Every class has exactly one base class (either explicit, or the object class by default), but may implement zero, one, or more interfaces. An abstract base class serves as the base to a derived class that must implement all of its abstract methods; otherwise, that derived class is also abstract. Solution to Question 13-3. You can t create an instance of an interface. To access the interface methods, you must create an instance of a class that implements the interface. Solution to Question 13-4. You d use the following syntax to create a class that inherits from a parent and implements two interfaces:
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PDU, or protocol data unit, refers to one method of sending information along cellular networks. SMS messaging, as described in the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Specification, supports two different ways of sending and receiving messages. The first is text mode, which some phones don t support. Text mode encodes message content as a simple bit stream. The other is PDU mode, which not only contains the SMS message, but also metadata about the SMS message, such as text encoding, the sender, SMS service center address, and much more. To access this metadata, mobile SMS applications almost always use PDUs to encode the contents of a SMS message. For more information about PDUs and the metadata they provide, refer to the specification titled Technical Realization of the Short Message Service (SMS) which you can find at http://www.3gpp.org/ftp/Specs/html-info/23040.htm. This document, part of the 3GPP TS 23.040 Specification, is extremely technical but will help you with developing more sophisticated SMS applications.
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@Entity @Table(name="ITEMS") @org.hibernate.annotations.Table( appliesTo = "ITEMS", indexes = @org.hibernate.annotations.Index( name = "IDX_INITIAL_PRICE", columnNames = { "INITIAL_PRICE", "INITIAL_PRICE_CURRENCY" } ) ) public class Item { ... }
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As with arrays, a List<T> will throw an IndexOutOfRangeException if you use too high an index, or a negative index. This applies for writes as well as reads a List<T> will not automatically grow if you write to an index that does not yet exist.
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The user interface and event handling on our MIDlets are now complete. Listings 5.14 5.17 show the four completed .java files. The code over the last few pages replaces or augments much of the code from previous listings. Some example code that was introduced earlier to explore features has been replaced with code that gets us closer to our completed application. Check your code against the following listings, especially if you have difficulties in compiling, preverifying or running your applications.
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Certificate authorities
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To further investigate proxies, we ll postulate a rudimentary social networking system called SpaceBook. SpaceBook keeps pages of text that people enter under their login names, so both authentication and lazy creation of pages are required. As suggested in the earlier Illustration section, simply registering for SpaceBook will not give users any space on the system; to gain space, they must first add some content. Therefore, the system should, from the start, enable people to write on others pages. The SpaceBook class looks like this:
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Now that we re fully plugged in, so to speak, it s time to tie up all the loose ends. To this point, we ve created infrastructure for configurability and defaults, Ajax request and response handling, and the events that tie everything together. All that s left to cover is the graphical part. What we re referring to here, obviously, is the pop-up list of suggestions and all that implies. The tasks left to handle with respect to the UI are as follows:
fits this model, with individual messages rendering as documents within an interactive, application-like superstructure. In some ways, learning the technologies is the easy part. The interesting challenge in developing with Ajax is in learning how to use them together. We are accustomed to thinking of web applications as storyboards, and we shunt the user from one page to another following a predetermined script. With applicationlike functionality in our web application, we can provide the user with a more fine-grained handle on the business domain, which can enable a more free-form problem-solving approach to his work.
Extending build notifications
} /** * Convenience constructor */ public Task(final String description) { this(); // Set this.description = description; } //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| // Accessors / Mutators ----------------------------------------------------|| //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| /** * @return the description */ public String getDescription() { return description; } /** * @param description the description to set */ public void setDescription(final String description) { this.description = description; } /** * @return the owners */ public Collection<Employee> getOwners() { return owners; } /** * @param owners the owners to set */ public void setOwners(final Collection<Employee> owners) { this.owners = owners; } //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| // Required Implementations ------------------------------------------------|| //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| /** * {@inheritDoc} * @see java.lang.Object#toString()
C HA PT E R 15
scene: Scene { Left content: [ button Button { iconFilename: "arrow_l.png"; action: function(ev:MouseEvent) { println("Back"); }; Right button } , (note the layoutX) Button { layoutX: 80; iconFilename: "arrow_r.png"; action: function(ev:MouseEvent) { println("Fore"); }; } , Our GridBox GridBox { layoutX: 185; layoutY: 20; columns: 3; nodeVPos: VPos.CENTER; horizontalGap: 10; verticalGap: 5;
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