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csb.Provider = dbConnectionInfo.ProviderName; csb.ProviderConnectionString = dbConnectionInfo.ConnectionString; csb.Metadata = "res://*/AdventureWorksModel.csdl|" + "res://*/AdventureWorksModel.ssdl|res://*/AdventureWorksModel.msl"; using (var dbContext = new AdventureWorksLT2008Entities(csb.ConnectionString)) { ... }
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A numeric data type, SByte stores single-byte (8-bit) signed integers, ranging from 128 to 127. It is the signed version of the unsigned Byte data type. The Short data type is a 2-byte (16-bit) signed integer type. It stores numbers from 32,768 to 32,767. If you are a pre-.NET Visual Basic programmer, this new Short data type is equivalent to the version 6.0 Integer data type. The Single data type is pretty much like the Double data type, only smaller. Its range for positive numbers is about 1.4 10 45 to 3.4 10+38, with a similar range for negative numbers. Like the Double data type, the Single data type suffers from slight inaccuracies during calculations.
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<setPropertyAction target="msgLabel" property="element" propertyKey="style.backgroundColor" value="#FFFF00" />
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EJB supports object level integration extensively via RMI. In fact, this integration model is the basis of all interactions between EJBs and their clients, both remote
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Don t reinvent the wheel
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A touching example: the event reporter
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If it is so similar in signature, why doesn t Console derive from Text Writer TextWriter is intended to be used with some underlying resource that needs proper lifetime management, so it implements IDisposable. Our code would be much less readable if we had to wrap every call on Console with a using block, or remember to call Dispose especially as it isn t really necessary. So, why make TextWriter implement IDisposa ble We do that so that our text-writing code can be implemented in terms of this base class, without needing to know exactly what sort of TextWriter we re talking to, and still handle the cleanup properly.
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4.1 Associations
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You don t have to do anything special in Hibernate to enable polymorphic behavior. The mapping for CreditCard and BankAccount is straightforward, each in its own entity <class> element, as we have done already for classes without a superclass (or persistent interfaces). Hibernate still knows about the superclass (or any interface) because it scans the persistent classes on startup. The main problem with this approach is that it doesn t support polymorphic associations very well. In the database, associations are usually represented as foreign key relationships. In figure 5.1, if the subclasses are all mapped to different tables, a polymorphic association to their superclass (abstract BillingDetails in this example) can t be represented as a simple foreign key relationship. This would be problematic in our domain model, because BillingDetails is associated with User; both subclass tables would need a foreign key reference to the USERS table. Or, if User had a many-to-one relationship with BillingDetails, the USERS table would need a single foreign key column, which would have to refer both concrete subclass tables. This isn t possible with regular foreign key constraints. Polymorphic queries (queries that return objects of all classes that match the interface of the queried class) are also problematic. A query against the superclass must be executed as several SQL SELECTs, one for each concrete subclass. For a query against the BillingDetails class Hibernate uses the following SQL:
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Extending Controls with the Control Toolkit
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Partitioning data across lots of servers
Java class files are designed to be independent units that contain all the necessary elements to run without making assumptions about the availability of class-specific resources. As a result, each class file contains its own symbol table as well as method, field, and exception tables and some other information. The encapsulation of these elements also makes Java class files easy to extend at runtime. However, this flexibility comes with the cost of supporting redundant information structures. If a set of class files were to be delivered as a unit unto themselves, much of these redundancies could be removed, making for a much smaller application size. This possibility is desirable in the CLDC space due to bandwidth limitations. Additionally, such a format could also allow applications to be executed in-place without the need for a loading process, making for a similar application runtime model that could improve performance. The creators of the CLDC recognize this opportunity and this capability may find its way into the CLDC on a future version.
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