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Putting Android to work in a field service application
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Figure 8.26 The HiSmallWorld application running on the emulator after successfully compiling, linking and deploying the HiSmallWorld.prc file to the emulator and tapping on the HiSmallWorld application icon.
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Pointer to other transfer objects Constructor
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Capability Maturity Model is a service mark of Carnegie Mellon University. You can download the complete Enterprise CI Maturity Model white paper at resources/default.html. To learn more about Urban Code and its Anthill Pro CI products, visit
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The ManageJobs Activity presents a scrollable list of jobs for review and action. At the top of the screen is a simple summary indicating the number of jobs in the list, and each individual job is enumerated in a ListView. Earlier we mentioned the importance of the JobEntry s toString() method:
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Mapping entity relationships
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Method to create a kayak
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By creating a function, MoveFeed()b and allowing it to accept a single parameter, we can handle all three situations; pause, skip forward, and skip backward. We can use an integer to differentiate between the different actions. To pause the reader, we pass in a 0. To skip forward, we use 1, and to skip backward we use 1. The first functionality we check for is the pause. We verify c that the passedin parameter is a 0. The pause button has two behaviors. The first is to enter the pause mode, which stops the transitions from executing. The second is resume, which allows for the slideshow to restart the transitions. If the feed is not paused d, then we need to set our bPaused variable to true and check to see if our timer timerSwitch is running. If the timer is running, we need to cancel it by using the clearTimeout method. We change the button s text to display the string RESUME . If the button is clicked to resume the feed, we do the opposite of pausing the feed e. We set the bPaused variable to false; we call our function ChangeView() with a slight pause in time, and we change the text of our button value back to PAUSE . The pause behavior is now complete. We have to create our skipping and backtracking functionality f. Since we are changing messages, we should remove the timer to avoid problems with skipping multiple messages. After we remove the timeout, we need to see if the action was 1. If we are moving backward, we need to subtract 2 from the currentMessage variable. This is because the variable, currentMessage, is actually holding the value of the next message since it already has been incremented. By subtracting 1 from the variable, we stay on the same message. Since we are already have the
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To selectively deliver messages to a message-driven bean, the bean should be deployed with a message selector. The bean source needs no changes in order to use the message selector. Listing 6.19 shows a simple message-driven bean that only wants messages that contain an attribute UserRole set to "BuyerRole". The bean prints out the role of the incoming message for verification.
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Object persistence frameworks over JDBC
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Creating a first iPhone project in Xcode: Hello, World!
These guidelines won t all apply to every application you create, but you should keep them in mind while deciding on your final URL schema.
Integration with Java EE services
This tells the compiler that we want it to deduce that variable s type for us. As it happens, it will be an IEnumerable<string>, and we could have written that explicitly, but as you ll see shortly, queries sometimes end up using anonymous types, at which point the use of var becomes mandatory. The first part of the query expression itself is always a from clause. This describes the source of information that we want to query, and also defines a so-called range variable:
use Coordinate; set_origin(100, 100); my ($radius, $angle) = cart2polar(30, 20); my ($x, $y) = polar2cart(25, 4 * PI / 3);
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