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public abstract class BillingDetails { @Id @GeneratedValue @Column(name = "BILLING_DETAILS_ID") private Long id = null; @Column(name = "OWNER", nullable = false) private String owner; ... }
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Sequences, behind the scenes
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XML Script
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Audio codecs
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Embracing design patterns means changing the way we code. It means joining communities where design patterns are shared. It means doing research instead of plowing blindly into a solution. Many good sources are available. Books This is a sampling of books from the Java design pattern community and the definitive source for design patterns (Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable ObjectOriented Software). As of this writing, five or more are under development, so this list will doubtlessly be incomplete. Amazon (http://www.amazon.com) is a good source for finding what s out there.
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Figure 20-3 shows the result. Notice that in the direction of stacking vertical in this example the behavior is similar to the Auto height grid rows, in that each row has been made tall enough to accommodate the content. In the other direction, the elements have been stretched to fill the available space, although as we ll see shortly, you can change that.
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IPrintable myPrintable = new Document( );
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Product Number Order ID
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Vim and Emacs are powerful extensible text editors with a long tradition in UNIX operating systems, although both have been ported to Windows, too. Both have well-developed modes for JavaScript coding. Integrated development environments Enterprise programming languages such as .NET and Java have a long history of integrated development environments. The market for these is mature, and in recent years, a number of mature, feature-rich open source and freeware IDEs have appeared. IDEs designed for server-side coding languages are often extensible enough to allow for client-side development using Ajax. Microsoft technologies are still dominated by Microsoft s own Visual Studio. Visual Studio includes support for web development through the Visual InterDev
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.text directive
c Prints name and price
The text, Do you see me is added as normal content. The text, Peek-a-Boo!!! is added as optional content that s visible in the upper window, but not in the lower window. In both windows, the Layers panel is opened. Do you see me is the caption of a layer (which is another name for an OCG). By clicking the group s check box in the Layers panel, end users can make the content visible or invisible. The next listing shows how the Do you see me layer was created using iText s PdfLayer object, and how the Peek-a-Boo!!! text was made optional using the PdfContentByte methods beginLayer() and endLayer().
In this query, i.seller refers to the foreign key to the USER table in the ITEM table (on the SELLER_ID column), and user refers to the primary key of the USER table (on the USER_ID column). This query uses a theta-style join and is equivalent to the much preferred ANSI style:
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