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The Hibernate type system Custom mapping types Collection mappings One-to-one and many-to-many associations
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The libraries that we ve discussed so far have provided cross-browser support for some fairly low-level functionality, such as manipulating DOM elements and fetching resources from the server. With these tools at our disposal, constructing functional UIs and application logic is certainly simplified, but we still need to do a lot more work than our counterparts working with Swing, MFC, or Qt, for example. Prebuilt widgets, and even complete widget sets for Ajax developers, are starting to emerge. In this section, we ll look at a few of these again, more to give a flavor of what s out there than to provide a comprehensive overview. Scriptaculous The Scriptaculous libraries are UI components built on top of Prototype (see the previous section). In its current form, Scriptaculous provides two major pieces of functionality, although it is being actively developed, with several other features planned. The Effects library defines a range of animated visual effects that can be applied to DOM elements, to make them change size, position, and transparency. Effects can be easily combined, and a number of predefined secondary effects are provided, such as Puff(), which makes an element grow larger and more transparent until it fades away completely. Another useful core effect, called Parallel(), is provided to enable simultaneous execution of multiple effects. Effects can be a useful way of quickly adding visual feedback to an Ajax user interface, as we ll see in chapter 6. Invoking a predetermined effect is as simple as calling its constructor, passing in the target DOM element or its ID as an argument, for example:
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Back in 11, you saw how inheritance and abstract methods can dictate the methods that a class has to implement. However, it isn t always necessary to create a new parent class, even an abstract one, to guarantee the behaviors of your class. For example, you might want to dictate that your class must be storable (capable of being written to disk) or printable. Storable isn t a good candidate for a class, because it doesn t model an object; instead, it describes a set of behaviors that you want your class to have. Such a description is called an interface. The interface defines the methods that a class must implement, but it doesn t dictate how the class implements these required methods. This provides a lot of flexibility on the part of the class designer, yet it allows client classes to use those methods with confidence, because the interface methods are guaranteed to be implemented. There are a lot of interesting things you can do with interfaces, including implementing multiple interfaces, combining them, inheriting them, and casting to them. All of it can be tricky to understand at first, so we ll describe them all thoroughly in this chapter.
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Virtual Directories |
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@AfterMethod(groups = "integration-hibernate") void afterTestMethod() throws Exception { for (DatabaseOperation op : afterTestOperations ) { op.execute(getConnection(), dataSet); } } // Subclasses can/have to override the following methods protected IDatabaseConnection getConnection() throws Exception { // Get a JDBC connection from Hibernate Connection con = ((SessionFactoryImpl)sessionFactory).getSettings() .getConnectionProvider().getConnection(); // Disable foreign key constraint checking con.prepareStatement("set referential_integrity FALSE") .execute();
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C vs. Objective-C
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Array.Sort(events); // Works, now that CalendarEvent is IComparable<T>
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The resulting page looks like figure 12.1.
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JavaScript for object-oriented programmers
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One of the historical challenges to web applications is the lack of locally stored data. When performing a frequent lookup, it s often too time- and bandwidth-intensive to constantly fetch reference rows from a server-side database. The availability of a localto-the-browser SQL database brings new possibilities to web applications, mobile or oth-
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This target depends upon the create-tarfile and create-src-zipfile targets of chapter 6, so the distribution packages are all ready to go. Following the SourceForge rules, we upload the file to the directory incoming on the server upload.sourceforge.net. We use the anonymous account ftp and a password of nobody@, which SourceForge accepts. We explicitly state that we want binary upload, with binary="yes"; with that as the default we are just being cautious. We do override a default where we ask for dependency checking on the upload, by declaring depends="true". The effect of this is that the task only uploads changed files. The build file selects files to upload by declaring a simple fileset of two files. The <ftp> task can take a complex fileset, such as a tree of directories and files, in which case the task replicates the tree at the destination, creating directories as needed. In such a bulk upload the dependency checking makes deployment significantly faster. After uploading the files, the target prints a message out, telling the user what to do next. Deploying to any other site is just as simple. For example, the task could upload a tree full of web content served up by a static web server, only uploading changed files and images. Selecting text upload (binary="false") is useful to upload files used in the deployment process or by the server, such as shell scripts to go into a cgi-bin directory. 7.3.1 Asking for information with the <input> task To allow people to ask for a password, or other user input, there is a little task called <input>. This displays a message and asks for a response:
Building the Lucene query is not the focus of this chapter, but listing 6.5 shows a Lucene query built using a Lucene query parser targeting the title field. Building the Hibernate Search full-text query is straightforward and consists of calling createFullTextQuery and passing the Lucene query.
webArray = [[NSArray alloc] initWithObjects:webView1,webView2,webView3,webView4,nil]; NSString *paths = [[NSBundle mainBundle] resourcePath]; NSString *filePath = [paths stringByAppendingPathComponent:@"weblist.txt"]; NSString *webList = [NSString stringWithContentsOfFile:filePath]; NSArray *webListArray = [webList componentsSeparatedByString:@"\n"]; for (int i = 0 ; i < [webArray count] ; i++) {
Joining the Location instance to the Event allows querying on the Location properties, and results in a more efficient SQL query. Let s say you had the following query:
Creates an EJB
in AntBook - Common - Test
session.createCriteria(Item.class) .setProjection( Projections.projectionList() .add( Projections.id()
However, there may still be a problem if one of the displayed values is longer than the width we set. In Firefox, when the element is in focus the options under the drop-down list expand to display their entire text. However, in Microsoft Internet Explorer, the text is chopped off and is not visible to the user, as shown in figure 9.8. To avoid the problem with Internet Explorer, we need to set the width of the selection list to the width of the longest option. Most of the time the only way to determine the number of pixels required to show the content is by trial and error.
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