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Web frameworks: WebWork, Struts, and Tapestry
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All about Core Location
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Object initializers are mostly just a convenient syntax for constructing a new object and then setting some properties. Consequently, this only works with writable properties you can t use it for immutable types, so this wouldn t work with our PolarPoint3D.
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You want to send a stream of data to a message-driven EJB.
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Method Summary Creates a parser from an NSURL Creates a parser from an NSData Defines a delegate for the parser Starts the parser going Table 20.7 Methods to get your NSXMLParser going
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Listing 7.2 Nontransactional update of an entity bean
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Transactions, concurrency, and caching
Determine if text exists
The enum we declared earlier and the built-in numeric types (int, double) behave differently, though, as Example 3-27 illustrates.
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