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Note that AndroMDA, a tool that generates POJO source code from UML diagram files, isn t strictly considered part of the common Hibernate toolset, so it isn t discussed in this chapter. See the community area on the Hibernate website for more information about the Hibernate module for AndroMDA.
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22: Licensing Your Application
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9.4.2 Restricting tables and relationships
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7.6.3 Demarcating transactions at the business logic layer
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namespace Example_7_3_ _ _ _Constructor { public class Box { // private variables private int length; private int width; private int height; // public methods public void DisplayBox( ) { Console.WriteLine("Length: {0}, Width: {1}, Height: {2}", length, width, height); } // constructor public Box(int theLength, int theWidth, int theHeight) { length = theLength; width = theWidth; height = theHeight; } }
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13.1.4 PDF/X, PDF/A, PDF/E, PDF/UA, and other types of PDF There are many different ways to create a valid PDF file. This freedom is an advantage, but it can be a disadvantage too. Not all valid PDF files are usable in every
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21: Reporting
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The full EnterpriseClient code listing follows in listing 12.2:
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DefaultFontMapper mapper = new DefaultFontMapper(); Inserts a directory mapper.insertDirectory("c:/windows/fonts/"); PrintStream out2 = new PrintStream(new FileOutputStream(RESULT2)); for (Entry<String,BaseFontParameters> entry Shows all the : mapper.getMapper().entrySet()) { mapped fonts out2.println(String.format("%s: %s", entry.getKey(), entry.getValue().fontName)); } out2.flush(); out2.close();
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Session fa ade
this.second = dt.Second; this.minute = dt.Minute; this.hour = dt.Hour;
Creating and testing layered applications
In the same manner, you can call the remove_customerInitialized method to remove an event handler added with add_customerInitialized. The nice thing is that all these methods are automatically created by the createEvent helper based on the name of the event passed as an argument to the method. You save plenty of keystrokes while decreasing the number of statements and the size of the script file that hosts the client object.
Suppose that you ve updated the XFA XML manually and saved it in a file named xml. Now you want to take the XFA form src and replace the XFA stream with the new XFA form dest as a result.
Update event viewer
SaveOptions.None By default, when no SaveOption is passed, or when SaveOptions.None is passed, as part of the SaveChanges method, and a tracked
Search results returned as a web page: one of the possible ways to expose results
Understanding Lucene s query syntax
There is one important exception to this: Collections are compared by identity! For a property mapped as a persistent collection, you should return exactly the same collection instance from the getter method that Hibernate passed to the setter method. If you don t, Hibernate will update the database, even if no update is necessary, every time the state held in memory is synchronized with the database. This kind of code should almost always be avoided in accessor methods:
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