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The debug panel on the right reports on the internal state of the system after various user events, such as adding or removing widgets from the container. The code has been written to allow us to swap in different patterns for creation and destruction of DOM elements and cyclic references while the application is running. The user may choose between these at runtime by checking and unchecking HTML form elements on the page. When the links that add or remove boxes from the container are activated, the combination of patterns that is used to implement the user interface will match the state of the checkboxes. Let s examine each of these options and the corresponding code. Reuse DOM Nodes checkbox Checking this option will determine whether the ClickBox widget will try to find an existing DOM node when creating itself and create a new one only as a last resort. This allows the application to switch between the Create Always and Create If Not Exists patterns that we discussed in section 8.3.2. The modified rendering code follows:
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Variables in the Resource class allow us to check on the state of the file (for example, its readability) and access its input stream. In the example, we use Java s BufferedReader, wrapped around an InputStreamReader, to pull data from the input stream as text. Java s reader classes know how to interpret different character encodings and
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Now that you can store some session data in your page, you need a page that you can use to display whatever is stored in Foo. For this example, you ll use an ASP.NET AJAX polling timer (similar to the one that you used earlier) that will display whatever is stored in Foo every 5 seconds. Figure 6.11 shows how this web page looks (prior to running this page, we used the SessionAdd.aspx page to set the value of Foo to bar). To create the page displayed in figure 6.11, add a new ASP.NET page to the project called SessionTimer.aspx that contains the following markup:
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<Project DefaultTargets="FitTest"
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using getter and setter methods. Alternatively, you should know how to access HttpServletRequest, where you store your CalendarModel so that you can access it using the JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL) in the view.
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Working with the Table service REST API
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FormattingExtender ext = new FormattingExtender(); ext.ID = "FormattingExtender1"; ext.TargetControlID = txtName.ID; ext.HoverCssClass = "hover"; ext.FocusCssClass = "focus"; ScriptLibrary/FormattingBehavior.js"; ext.ScriptPath = "
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3.3.2 Basic property and class mappings
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Replace each pixel with the median value of the pixels around it. The argument specifies the order of a square convolution kernel.
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The textValues value returned is an object that has three properties: .start, .mid, and .end. So in the example just shown, textValues is an object that looks like the following:
creating 30 31 creating as subview 73 creating as subview of tab bar controller 113 creating in Interface Builder 57 58 creation, abstracting 72 custom, converting to NSData 301 external, creating 65 factory methods 31 IBOutlets and IBActions of 59 initializing 66 instantiating from a class 22 manipulating graphically 58 registering to receive notice 109 relative to parent 59 releasing 32 size and position of, modifying 59 starting point, modifying 59 top-level, definition 54 usage count 32 with arguments 31 objectForKey 146, 151 Objective-C 17 25 @ directives 18, 20 @dynamic 24 @end 20 @implementation 21 @interface 20 @property 22 and objects 17 bracketed messaging style 19 categories 18 introduction 24 class objects 19 classes 18, 20 22 compiler directives 24 dot syntax 23 instance objects 19 instance variable 22 messages 18 20 mixing in C++ code 17 overview 17 18 properties 18, 22 24 protocols 18, 24 syntax elements 18 syntax, quick reference 25 vs. C 27 Open Feint 365 OpenAL 234 OpenGL 269 270 EAGL 270 standard template 270 OpenGL ES Application 50 51 openssl 325 or 213 Organizer 52
When a patron checks out a book or other library item, the due date is automatically calculated based on a number of days stored in the CodeMediaType.CheckoutDays database field. But what happens if that calculated date is a holiday, and the library is closed The patron might not be able to return the book until the next day, and would incur a fine. This fine, though small, could start a chain reaction in the patron s life that would lead to poverty, despair, and an addiction to soap operas. Fortunately, this can all be avoided by adding a list of holidays to the project. If an item s return date falls on a documented holiday, the program adjusts the date forward until it finds a non-holiday date.
Checking that the product information updated correctly, as shown in figure 20.4
CGAffineTransform flip = CGAffineTransformMake(1,0,0,-1,0,0);
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