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Element/Attribute Name id-class id basic version many-to-one one-to-many one-to-one Description Designates the primary key class. Designates the id field of the entity. Designates a field to be a direct-to-field mapping. Defines the attribute to the version field used for optimistic locking. Defines the field to be many-to-one association. Defines the field to be one-to-many association. Defines the field to be one-to-one association. continued on next page
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Listing 18.4 A target to fetch the timestamp and verify that it matches our local copy
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Introducing AspectJ
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Remember that query expressions are not activated until an iterator uses them.
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SOAP messages are network-protocol agnostic, which means that a SOAP message is not aware of or dependent on the type of network or protocol used to carry it. With that said, SOAP is primarily exchanged using HTTP. The reason for using HTTP is simple. Most Internet products, including web servers, application servers, and wireless devices, are designed to handle the HTTP protocol. This widespread support provides an instant infrastructure for SOAP messaging. The fact that SOAP can leverage the ubiquity of HTTP is one of the reasons it has become so popular so quickly. Another advantage of using HTTP is that SOAP messages can slip through firewalls without any hassles. If you have ever tried to support internal or external customers who are separated from you by a firewall (yours or theirs), you know the headaches it can create. Unless you have direct control over the firewall, your chances of communicating with arbitrary clients using anything but HTTP or SMTP (email) are slim to none. However, because SOAP can be transmitted with HTTP, it slips through the firewall unnoticed. This ability makes life a lot simpler for the application developer, but it s a point of contention with the security folks. Understandably, they re a bit irked by the idea of application developers circumventing their defenses. Using HTTP to carry an application protocol such as SOAP is commonly called HTTP tunneling. In the past, support for tunneling by vendors of other distributed object protocols (CORBA IIOP, DCOM, and so on) was sporadic and proprietary, making interoperability extremely difficult. However, tunneling over HTTP is built into the SOAP 1.1 specification, which means interoperability is no longer a problem. Because almost every application server vendor rapidly adopts SOAP, SOAP-HTTP tunneling is becoming ubiquitous. You can use SOAP 1.2 with other protocols, such as SMTP, FTP, and even raw TCP/ IP, but HTTP is the only protocol for which a binding is currently specified. As a result, EJB 3.1 and Java EE 6 require support for SOAP 1.1 over HTTP 1.1, but not other protocols.
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Who is running this computer anyway
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The enhanced Ajax web portal
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<many-to-one name="seller" class="User"> <column name="USERNAME"/> <column name="DEPARTMENT_ID"/> </many-to-one>
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Example 7-4. State pattern example code RPC game
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CGContextAddArc(ctx,110,50,30,0,2*M_PI,1); CGContextMoveToPoint(ctx, 240, 50); CGContextAddArc(ctx,210,50,30,0,2*M_PI,1);
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public string Publisher { get; set; } public int PublicationYear { get; set; } } class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { List<Book> bookList = new List<Book> { new Book { Title = "Learning C# 3.0", Author = "Jesse Liberty", Publisher = "O'Reilly", PublicationYear = 2008 }, new Book { Title = "Programming C# 3.0", Author = "Jesse Liberty", Publisher = "O'Reilly", PublicationYear = 2008 }, new Book { Title = "C# 3.0 Cookbook", Author = "Jay Hilyard", Publisher = "O'Reilly", PublicationYear = 2007 }, new Book { Title = "C# 3.0 in a Nutshell", Author = "Ben Albahari", Publisher = "O'Reilly", PublicationYear = 2007 }, new Book { Title = "Head First C#", Author = "Andrew Stellman", Publisher = "O'Reilly", PublicationYear = 2007 }, new Book { Title = "Programming C#, fourth edition", Author = "Jesse Liberty", Publisher = "O'Reilly", PublicationYear = 2005 } }; var resultList = from myBook in bookList orderby myBook.Author select myBook; Console.WriteLine("Books by author:"); foreach (var testBook in resultList) { Console.WriteLine("{0}, by {1}", testBook.Title, testBook.Author); } } } }
Ant s distribution ships with extensive documentation in HTML format, including details for every task. Why then, do we include a task reference in this book We felt readers would benefit from a quick reference they could consult while reading the book, or flip through while away from their computers, or as a quick reference to the valid attributes and elements of a task. We didn t want to rewrite the documentation, as it would have taken a lot of effort for little real benefit. At the same time, we didn t want to include the current documentation as it is too detailed for a quick reference, yet not guaranteed to be accurate. Because Ant s current task documentation is decoupled from the source of the tasks, it is out of sync with the tasks in some places. To address these needs, we created an automated process to analyze Ant s source code and extract task details directly. This process used XDoclet s custom capabilities, allowing generation of an XML file for each task. These XML files contain information such as task description and all supported attribute and element names, types, and descriptions.1 We expect the future releases of Ant to adopt this process, improving the online documentation accordingly.
This section takes a top-down approach; it assumes that you re starting with a domain model and trying to derive a new SQL schema. However, the mapping strategies described are just as relevant if you re working bottom up, starting with existing database tables. We ll show some tricks along the way that help you dealing with nonperfect table layouts.
Listing 5.25 Load method of the profile service, which retrieves a user s settings
These queries execute the following SQL:
Introducing the XML Forms Architecture (XFA)
360 scene graph (continued) assembled in create() 240, 276 Button (class) created 135 clipping 152 compared to JavaFX 107 contents rebuilt 216 extends javafx.fxd.FXDNode 247 forms final image 250 FXD file 235 grouping nodes 108, 118 immediate vs retained mode 107 oversized 297 stage 109 structural overview 108 thumbnail bar 218 Screen (class) 222 script context 49, 134, 276 ScriptEngineManager (class, Java) 306 scripting engine 303, 305 307, 309, 311 scripting language 301 scripts 48, 301 scrollbars 82 SDK 271, 305 SeeBeyond Technology Corporation 7 semicolons 54, 69 closing 20 sequences 29 34, 70, 124, 184, 245 access inside objects 71 adding elements 44, 76 adding or removing elements 36 appending elements 33 behind the scenes 34 binding elements 36 binding sequences 37 conditional slices 32 declaration 29, 327 deleting all elements 33 double dot syntax 32 empty 31 equality 29, 327 for loops 37 freq 91 immutable 34 inclusive and exclusive range syntax 32 index range deletion 33 inserting elements 32 inserting or removing elements 34
Listing 9.5 Sample LRU cacheModel
7.1.1 Understanding the entity bean antipattern landscape
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