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Figure 1.12 Lifecycle of an Ajax application. When the user logs in, a client application is delivered to the browser. This application can field many user interactions independently, or else send requests to the server behind the scenes, without interrupting the user's workflow.
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In addition to being able to repeat UpdatePanel controls, you can also nest them. This makes sense only if the UpdateMode property of the outer panel is set to Conditional. For example, consider the nested panel implementation in listing 6.15.
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p || q // evaluates true
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When first rendered, the ClickBoxes are red in appearance. Click on them once, and they turn blue. A second click removes them from view. This behavior is implemented by creating two-way references between the domain model object and the DOM element that represents it onscreen, as discussed earlier. Programmatically, each ClickBox consists of a unique ID, a position, a record of its internal state (that is, how many clicks it has received), and a body. The body
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Sometimes, hopefully not often, you need to produce a chart that contains datasets in different formats. You might want to represent one data set with bars, and another one as a line or area; GD::Graph provides the mixed chart type for this.
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In addition to the main ASP.NET AJAX package and the ASP.NET Futures CTP, you can download the following files from the Downloads page of the official ASP.NET AJAX website:
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You ll see a dialog box asking you for some information about the view (shown in figure 1.7). The view name (by default) is the same name as the action, so verify that Index appears in the View name field. You can ignore the other options for now, and click Add.
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Expressions don t actually do anything on their own. We have described a calculation, but the C# compiler needs to know what we want to do with the result. We can do various things with an expression. We could use it to initialize another variable: excel set font code128
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Table 18.2 Helpful classes for localized applications Class name java.util.GregorianCalendar Comment Subclass of the Calendar class, allowing for date and time manipulation specific to a locale. Useful for formatting date and time according to custom developer-supplied formats. Formats a decimal value according to a specific locale and string format. Helper class to DecimalFormat. Use this class to retrieve currency symbols, grouping, and decimal symbols. Some locales use commas for grouping and period for decimal separation; others do the opposite. This class helps navigate those formatting distinctions. Most of the previous classes rely on this class in one way or another.
' ----- First, encrypt some text. encryptedVersion = Encrypt("This is a secret.", key) ' ----- Then, decrypt it to get the original. decryptedVersion = Decrypt(encryptedVersion, key) End Sub Public Shared Function Encrypt(origText As String, _ key As SymmetricAlgorithm) As Byte( ) ' ----- Uses a crytographic memory stream and a ' secret key provider (DES in this case) ' to encrypt some text. Dim baseStream As New MemoryStream Dim secretStream As CryptoStream Dim streamOut As StreamWriter Dim encryptedText( ) As Byte ' ----- A memory stream just shuffles data from ' end to end. Adding a CryptoStream to it ' will encrypt the data as it moves through ' the stream. secretStream = New CryptoStream(baseStream, _ key.CreateEncryptor( ), CryptoStreamMode.Write) streamOut = New StreamWriter(secretStream) streamOut.WriteLine(origText) streamOut.Close( ) secretStream.Close( ) ' ----- Move the encrypted content into a useful ' byte array. encryptedText = baseStream.ToArray( ) baseStream.Close( ) Return encryptedText End Function Public Shared Function Decrypt(encryptedText( ) As Byte, _ key As SymmetricAlgorithm) As String ' ----- Clearly, this is the opposite of the ' Encrypt( ) function, using a stream reader ' instead of a writer, and the key's ' "decryptor" instead of its "encryptor." Dim baseStream As MemoryStream Dim secretStream As CryptoStream Dim streamIn As StreamReader Dim origText As String ' ----- Build a stream that automatically decrypts ' as data is passed through it. baseStream = New MemoryStream(encryptedText) secretStream = New CryptoStream(baseStream, _ key.CreateDecryptor( ), CryptoStreamMode.Read) streamIn = New StreamReader(secretStream) ' ----- Move the decrypted content back to a string. origText = streamIn.ReadLine( )
As usual, addBillingDetails() calls getBillingDetails().add(cc) and cc.setUser(this). We can iterate over the collection and handle instances of CreditCard and BankAccount polymorphically (we don t want to bill users multiple times in our final system, though):
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The purpose of this chapter was to demonstrate the concepts and technologies examined in this book through the use of a case study. We began by introducing RepairCo, a fictional company that services computers. They needed an application to enable their technicians to access data while they were in the field. We then proceeded to analyze and design these requirements, applying J2EE and XML patterns and concepts to our architecture. Our implementation made use of several J2EE design patterns including the Singleton pattern, Service Locator pattern, and the Decorating Filter pattern. Additionally, we used XML for our data storage and JDOM for manipulation within Java. Finally, we implemented an RPC-style web service and used it to integrate our application across companies. The result of our case study is a flexible, robust architecture with several components that can be easily adapted and reused in other applications.
The final part of our mammoth GalleryView class begins with three functions for manipulating the page variable, ensuring it never strays outside the acceptable range (Flickr starts its page numbering at 1, in case you were wondering). The next() and previous() functions will be called by outside classes to cause the gallery to advance or retreat. We ll skip over loadPage() for now (we ll come back to it in a moment). The assignThumbs() and unassignThumbs() functions do what their name suggests. The first takes a FlickrResult, as retrieved from the web service, and populates the ImageView nodes in the thumbnail bar with fresh Image content. The second clears the thumbImages sequence, to remove the thumbnails from the bar.
ABPeoplePickerNavigationController ABNewPersonViewController ABPersonViewController ABUnknownPersonViewController UIImagePickerController
iBATIS data access objects
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