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Notice that a separate query is needed for each concrete subclass. On the other hand, queries against the concrete classes are trivial and perform well:
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Using message-driven beans (MDBs)
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Property onmouseover onmouseout onmousemove
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You now know how to write a FROM, WHERE, and ORDER BY clause. You know how to select the entities you want to retrieve instances of and the necessary expressions
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Message-style web services For message-style web services in J2EE, the inbound servlet can place messages on a JMS topic or queue to be processed asynchronously by a Message Driven EJB. If a response is required after the message has been processed, the Message Driven Bean can place the response on an outbound queue for delivery via an outbound servlet. This architecture is depicted in figure 4.15.
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IControllerFactory 192, 196 identifier, unique 230, 234 IEnumerable 67 IExceptionFilter 377 IFilteredModelBinder 204 206 IgnoreRoute 7, 236 237 IHttpHandler 71 72, 84, 171, 349 IHttpModule 70 72, 84, 91 92 IIRF.dll 92 IIS 78 80, 82 89, 91 93, 253 254 mapping new extension 86 IIS 6.0 configuring routes for 88 deploying to 84 URL rewriting 91 using a custom extension 86 with .aspx extension 85 IIS 7.0 79 application pool configuration 82 deploying to 80 URL generation in 83 IIS6 83 IIS7 72 image files 313 IMessageProvider 194 199, 201 202 IModelBinder 374 imperative programming 262 Index 53 54, 56 Infrastructure project 325, 328, 330, 337, 341, 343 344 inheritance 272 input 25 30 data 54 element 37 40, 43 validation 159 InputBuilder.BootStrap 315 316 inputClass 384 InsertionMode 187 188 instant messenger 233 Integrated mode 82 integration machine 252 integration, continuous 252 IntelliSense 24, 330 Internet Explorer 98, 229, 242 HTTP error messages 242 Internet Information Services. See IIS Inversion of Control. See IoC IoC 191, 274, 325 containers 191, 194, 325 datamatrix reader
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Then add the tax to the amount:
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Accessing and manipulating images Using the iPhone camera Creating a simple collage application
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- (id)initWithCoords:(CLLocationCoordinate2D) coords andType:(AnnotationType) type; @end
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be more portable, since green threads eliminate the need to map native thread support to each operating system. Also, green threads may be employed in cases where multithreading is not supported by the native operating system. In the cases where native threads can be used, a multiprocessing environment such as Solaris could schedule threads across parallel processors for increased efficiency.
new( ) as a constraint indicates that the type must have a constructor.
Helper Methods
throw new EJBException(e);
Performs transformation
design validation 213 development methodologies and J2EE 22 defined 22 development tools 24 IDE 25 distributed systems 4 21 architectures 5, 9 challenges of 14, 21 components of 4 5 concepts 3 concurrency 18 correctness 18 definition 2 error handling 19 extensibility 15 failures 19 flexibility 15 heterogeneity 14 layers 9, 12 openness 16 performance of 17 scalability 17 security 20 21 transparency 20 vendor independence 16 vs. centralized 3 4 Document Object Model. See DOM document type definitions. See XML-DTDs DOM 45 building with JAXP 62, 64 JAXP 62 versus JDOM 93 DTD. See XML-DTDs
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