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Exercise 9-1. Create your new web site. Start off by deleting Default.aspx. Add a new page Home.aspx, set it as the start page, give it a title and an <h1>, and then add a LoginStatus control. Add a LoginView control, and set the Logged In and Logged Out templates to the appropriate messages. Add a LoginName control to the Logged In template to greet the user by name. If you re not going to use the WAT to create any users, you need to add the following line to your web.config file, in the <system.web> section:
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public aspect ShoppingCartAccessAspect { declare error : (call(* ShoppingCart.add*(..)) || call(* ShoppingCart.remove*(..)) || call(* ShoppingCart.empty(..))) && !within(ShoppingCartOperator) : "Illegal manipulation to ShoppingCart;\n only ShoppingCartOperator may perform such operations"; }
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These days practically everyone in the developed world has used encryption. From online shopping to cell phone calls, encryption is the oil that lubricates modern digital networks. It s interesting to consider, then, that machine-based encryption (as opposed to the pencil-and-paper variety) is a relatively recent innovation. Indeed, not until World War II did automated encryption achieve widespread adoption, with one technology in particular becoming the stuff of legend. The Enigma machine was an electro-mechanical device, first created for commercial use in the early 1920s, but soon adopted by the German military for scrambling radio Morse code messages between commanders and their troops in the field. With its complex, ever-shifting encoding patterns, many people thought the Enigma was unbreakable, presumably the same people who thought the Titanic was unsinkable. As it happens, the Enigma cipher was broken, not once but twice! Creating our own Enigma machine gives us a practical program with a real-world purpose, albeit one 60 years old. Its UI demands may be limited but offer a neat opportunity to cover important JavaFX techniques for turbocharging UI development (plus it s an excuse to write JFX code that isn t strictly UI related). Having reconstructed our own little piece of computing history, we ll be turning it from a desktop application into an applet and then letting the end user turn it back into a desktop application again with the drag and drop of a mouse.
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Solution to Question 12-5. This answer is subjective, but it seems likely that choices A and D are the most reasonable. Choices B and C are not completely unreasonable, but aren t intuitive, and would be difficult for later developers to maintain. Solution to Question 12-6. The < and > operators are paired, as are the <= and >= operators. If you overload one of the operators in a pair, you must overload the other. Solution to Question 12-7. If you overload the == operator, you must also overload the != operator, and the Equals( ) method. Solution to Question 12-8. The Equals( ) method is used to ensure that your class is compatible with other .NET languages that do not allow operator overloading, but do allow method overloading. Solution to Question 12-9. To overload the conversion operators, you use either the keyword implicit or the keyword explicit, along with the keyword operator, and the name of the type you re converting to. Solution to Question 12-10. Use implicit conversion when you know the conversion will succeed without the risk of losing information. Use explicit conversion if information might be lost.
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Please compare figure 11.6 with figure 11.5. The content of the page is identical, but now Arial-BoldMT only appears once in the list of fonts, as a CIDFont with Identity-H encoding. The code to create this PDF is almost identical to the code in listing 11.4; you need only to replace the encoding.
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*/ @Override public void cd(final String directory) { // Get the client final FTPClient client = this.getClient(); // Exec cd try { // Exec cd client.changeWorkingDirectory(directory); // Check reply for success this.checkLastOperation();
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Before we look at the code to reorder pages, you have to know that pages in a PDF document are usually organized in a page tree with different branches and leaves.
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Properties defined with -D are defined before any processing of the build file occurs. The -propertyfile switch defines all properties from the specified property file exactly as if each were individually specified with -D. Properties specified from -D take precedence over -propertyfile-defined ones to allow for individual override control. For example, suppose lucene.jar had been defined in
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Console.WriteLine("There's water going everywhere!");
To create a new web site, click on the menu item File New Web Site , or alternatively, use the Create: Web Site link on the Start Page. Either way, you should see the New Web Site dialog, like the one shown in Figure 1-2.
javax.persistence.PersistenceUnit Injects an instance of an entity manager factory that you can use to create an application-managed entity manager.
single call to a function provided by the OpenGL library: glReadPixels().2 Before doing so, however, you need to make a decision on which channels interest you and tell the OpenGL library how you want it to convert the pixels into values. Before discussing the particulars, let s look at a subroutine that can be used to capture any part of the currently displayed window to an image file. We use the Image::Magick module to translate the raw information that comes from the call to glReadPixels(), and to save the file to disk.
Events are used to change the focus and for many other actions. We ve already implemented several onClickListener() methods for buttons in listing 3.2. Those OnClickListener instances were connected to button presses. They were indicating events that said, Hey, somebody pressed me. This process is the same one that focus events go through when announcing or responding to OnFocusChange events. Events have two halves: the component raising the event and the component (or components) that respond to the event. These two halves are variously known as Observable and Observer in design-pattern terms, or sometimes subject and observer. Figure 3.7 is a class diagram of the relationships in this pattern. An Observable component provides a way for Observer instances to register. When an event occurs, the Observable notifies all the observers that something has taken place. The observers can then respond to that notification however they see fit. Interfaces are typically used for the various types of events in a particular API.
Table 4.1 Category Tracking web parts Managing Personalization Data Controlling Lifecycle Events Switching Page Display Modes The WebPartManager is a versatile control that manages a wide range of activities Activities Adding web parts to zones; closing web parts; moving web parts; tracking which web parts belong in which zones. Initializing web parts; loading personalization data; saving personalization data. Creating web parts; initializing connections. Switching the mode of the page.
can add the associated BLOB at the same time. To expand on the Hawaiian Shirt Shop example, you could store an image of a shirt in BLOB storage as well as add a new shirt to the table. In the table, you would store all the details of the shirt (the name of the shirt, price, description, and so on) and its associated URI. Figure 9.6 shows a representation of this setup. Because you re happy for the images of your Hawaiian shirts to be in the public domain, you can store the shirt images in a public container and set the URI of your HTML image tag directly to the public URI. The following code shows how this image tag might look:
Some of the lines in listing 7.3 require a bit of explanation:
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