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In this code, treating the String type as a constructor returns an object of type String. You add a createdOn property that returns a Date object containing the date when the string was created. A second way to add a property to an object is to do so before an instance is created. You can do this using a constructor and its prototype object, as we explained in sections 3.1.4 and 3.1.5. For example, the following code shows how to define an object with two properties x and y, using a Point constructor:
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ln -s /users/fableson/Software/android/android-ndk-r4b/ ndk
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the conversation context. The setItemId() method is called on this stateful session bean instance. JSF now executes the action of the request by calling the bound method itemEditor.doSearch. Seam resolves the itemEditor variable and finds it in the conversation context. The doSearch() method is called on the EditItemBean instance, and the EJB 3.0 container handles transaction and persistence context during that call. Two things happen during the call: The item member variable of the itemEditor now holds an Item instance found in the database (or null, if nothing was found), and the @Begin annotation promotes the current
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The Parts of the .NET Framework |
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Listing 8.5 Activation of two filters on a Hibernate Search query
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Executes the call and retrieves a value
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If you comment out the overridden function, the base method will be invoked. The base class default behavior is to return a string with the name of the class itself. Thus, the output would be changed to the meaningless:
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javax.persistence.Column Maps an entity field or property to a table column.
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In order to minimize the number of stateful sessions carried around in memory, the Container may passivate a SFSB bean instance. During passivation, the session s state is flushed to some persistent storage such that it may be removed from RAM. If the session is needed again before it s removed for good, the Container will activate it and bring the bean instance back into memory. No casino is complete without a good game of poker, and we could build ours using SFSBs. Each game is played using a single deck, and we need to keep track of which cards have already been dealt otherwise we risk giving the player next to us the impossible hand of five aces! If each table is scoped to its own stateful session, we could ensure that the integrity of the deck is intact. We ll dive into SFSBs in 6.
CCNet lets you define multiple projects. In CCNet nomenclature, a project is a separate unit of works that CCNet performs. Define a project for the financial calculator Framework project as shown here. Listing 4.1 Project configuration in CCNet
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