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Well, we could work around that with another member to set the name; but as you can see in Example 4-18, it is all getting a bit ugly.
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Making asynchronous network calls
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Introducing actions Listing 7.13 EventsAndActions
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Remote clients often work with subsets of larger result sets. One such example is a web-based search engine. A client s query may return thousands of results. Yet, the web application will transfer only a few results at a time, since the client often works with only the first couple of pages of results before altering and rerunning the query. We have encountered such a requirement at least once in every project on which we ve worked. Without fail, the implementation of a solution pattern has been a subject of great debate.
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And of course, since a module needs to return a true value, we return one, in this case the contents of the $VERSION variable.
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Listing 4.1
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Using the Data in the XAML
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Console.WriteLine("{0}\t{1} {2}", employee.EmployeeID, employee.FirstName, employee.LastName); } } } }
Anonymous users will be able to see the menu; they just won t be able to click anything on it. At this point, a user could bypass the login by entering the URL of any of the other pages directly into the browser. To prevent this, add the following code to the Page_ Load method of every page in the web site except Home and Login (which are already taken care of):
[Test] public void UnitTest() { DynamicMock fileWrapper = new DynamicMock(typeof(IFileWrapper)); fileWrapper.ExpectAndReturn("FileExists", true, new object[] { "path" }); CsvFileProvider csvFileProvider = new CsvFileProvider((IFileWrapper)fileWrapper.MockInstance); Assert.IsTrue(csvFileProvider.Append("path", new string[] { "test" })); }
//find all properties starting with 'distributors.' //the suffix is the distributor id, //the value is the shard id Enumeration< > propertyNames = properties.propertyNames();
Figure 6.6 Our custom button and layout nodes on display
event response into UIViewControllers objects, which are pretty far up the responder chain. For any UIControl objects, such as buttons, sliders, and toggles, events are often turned into actions. Whereas events report touches to the screen, actions instead report manipulations of the controls and are thus easier to read. Actions follow a slightly different hierarchy of response.
You have to specify some way to correlate the information in the two collections, though how can you tell which orders go with which book records They have the Title property in common. If the Title property of the book is the same as the Title property of the order, that s a match. The on part of the join clause indicates that you re defining the condition:
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