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When querying, Hibernate Search applies the Lucene query on all DirectoryProviders returned by getDirectoryProvidersForAllShards() (see figure 9.4). This is also the list of directory providers on which optimization is applied. Sharding in Hibernate Search suffers from one main drawback. It s not possible to create shards on the fly. The number of shards must be defined at configuration time and their respective DirectoryProviders configured. It s preferable to shard by a set of properties whose value set is fairly small and evolves in a controlled manner. Also
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A persistence unit maps a fixed set of classes to a relational database. By default, if you specify no other metadata within your persistence.xml file, the JAR file that contains persistence.xml will be scanned from its root for any classes annotated with the @javax.persistence.Entity annotation. These classes are added to the set of classes the persistence unit will manage. You can specify additional JARs that you want to be scanned using the <jar-file> element. The value of this element is a path relative to the JAR file that contains persistence.xml:
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var cards = for(str in ["A",[2..10],"J","Q","K"]) { str.toString(); } println(cards.toString()); cards = for(str in ["A",[2..10],"J","Q","K"]) if(indexof str < 10) null else str.toString(); println(cards.toString()); [ A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K ] [ J, Q, K ]
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The Immediate window allows you to type almost any variable, property, or expression and immediately see its value.
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Tranforms XML to PDF and writes to an output stream
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Transactions and security
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To query the CreditCard subclass, Hibernate would use a condition on the discriminator:
Writing to the server
public class CachePreFetcher { static void fetch() { System.out.println("Fetching in thread " + Thread.currentThread()); } }
Declares data accessors
Our knowledge of web parts is rapidly expanding. In chapter 2 we covered the different types of web parts and saw that they can help to break down and simplify the task of creating complex, information-centric portals. In this chapter we discussed the concept of connecting web parts so that we can share data from different sources; and that by using common patterns, such as the Summary/Detail and the Parent/Child, we can present data to users in an effective manner. We also saw that connections can assist in breaking user interface components down into simpler, more manageable pieces. We also introduced the WebPartConnection control and saw how it works within the framework to provide us with the ability to create connections, both statically and then dynamically. Finally, we discussed transformers and how they can be used to create connections between different types of web parts. We saw the interfaces that they work with, and then finished by implementing a Parent/Child style of connection between the web parts we created in chapter 2. There are still many important members of the web part framework to learn about; and in the next chapter we ll look at the most important member the WebPartManager and see what it s been doing for us all this time, unbeknownst to us.
Bluestone (now HP Application Server) Castor JBoss JRun MVCSoft Orion Pramati Struts (from Apache Jakarta) WebLogic WebSphere
mysql> quit;
throw new Exception("Some problem with the turtle has occurred", iox); } catch (Exception ex) { // Log here Console.WriteLine("Log error: " + ex.Message); // Rethrow throw; } finally { Console.WriteLine("In the Turtle finally block"); }
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