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Checking on websites is possible today with an Android device just bookmark a bunch of application URLs in the WebKit browser and check on them. And then check on them again. And again. You get the picture; it d be desirable to get some automated assistance for this basic and repetitive task. The logical answer is to code an application to do this for you. In this case, SiteMonitor employs an AppWidget to bring useful information directly to the phone s home screen. Let s look at the user interface. Figure 17.5 shows the home screen of an Android device with four instances of the SiteMonitor widget configured to monitor four different applications. The UI is admittedly lackluster, but the information is precisely what s needed in this situation. At a glance you can see that of the four sites being monitored, three are up (green) and one is in an error condition (red). You can see the name of each site and the date/ time of the most recent update. Tapping on one of the SiteMonitor widget instances brings up an Activity where you can see detailed information about the site. The widget-specific data includes not only the configuration values for the hosted application but also the Figure 17.5 Four instances of most recent data retrieved from the hosted application. the SiteMonitor AppWidget on For example, you see in figure 17.6 that this particular the home screen
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The animation function Transitions support fully featured animations, within the constraints of the CSS properties and the transform abilities. So, how can the WebKit s explicit animation improve on that The answer is by giving you better control over how the animation works. Listing 4.4 shows an example of animation in use.
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my $canvas = Canvas::Polar::GD->new( $size, $size, '#ffffff'); my $clock = Clock->new(radius => $size/2); $clock->draw($canvas, $size/2, $size/2); binmode STDOUT; print header(-type => 'image/png', -expires => '+1m'); print $canvas->gd->png;
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With great power comes great responsibility
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Figure 9.4 Entry box
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than 10 minutes for it to finish its task and transform the state to success or failure.
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Optimistic Concurrency
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IntelliSense IntelliSense in JavaScript files is a feature of the next version of Visual Studio, codename Orcas. The Web Development Tools Team has a post with the details in its official blog: http://blogs.msdn.com/webdevtools/archive/2007/03/02/jscript-intellisense-in-orcas.aspx.
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Each queue can have an unlimited number of messages. The only real limit is how fast you can process the messages, and whether you can do so before they re garbage collected after one week s time. Because a queue s name appears in the URI for the REST request, it needs to follow the constraints that DNS names have: It must start with a letter or number, and can contain only letters, numbers, and the hyphen (-) character. The first and last letters in the queue name must be alphanumeric. The hyphen (-) character may not be the first or last character. All letters in a queue name must be lowercase. (This is the requirement that gets me every time.) A queue name must be from 3 to 63 characters long. A queue also has a set of metadata associated with it. This metadata can be up to 8 KB in size and is a simple collection of name/value key pairs. This metadata can help you track and manage your queues. Although the name of a queue can help you understand what the use of the queue is, the metadata can be useful in a more dynamic situation. For example, the name of the queue might be the customer number that the queue is related to, but you could store the customer s service level (tin, silver, molybdenum, and gold) as a piece of metadata. This metadata then lives with the queue and can be accessed by any producer or consumer of the queue. Queues are both a reliable and persistent way to store and move messages. They re reliable in that you should never lose a message we ll look at how this works in section 16.4 when we discuss the message lifecycle. Queues are also strict in how they persist your messages. If a server goes down, the messages aren t lost, they remain in the queue. This differs from a purely memory-based system, in which all of the messages would be lost if the server were to have a failure.
} catch(Exception e){ e.printStackTrace(); } return helper; } }
It gets the text field with the name date, and it changes the value of this field so that it corresponds with the date for which the screenings are shown. The first part of this next listing should look familiar.
... Defines interceptor binding <interceptor-binding> <ejb-name>*</ejb-name> Applies binding to all EJBs <interceptor-class> actionbazaar.buslogic.CheckPermissionInterceptor </interceptor-class> <interceptor-class> actionbazaar.buslogic.ActionBazaarDefaultInterceptor </interceptor-class> </interceptor-binding> ...
INSERT SNIPPET Insert 20, Snippet Item 3.
Disabling Error Handling
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