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Dim bookBag = From bk In Library _ Join au In Writers _ On bk.AuthorID Equals au.AuthorID _ Select bk.Title, au.FullName _ Order By bk.Title ShowResults(bookBag) ' Results --> Anna Karenina Tolstoy, Leo ' Ben-Hur Wallace, Lew ' Peter Pan Barrie, J. M. ' War and Peace Tolstoy, Leo
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This task has potential for abuse, though, and it provides nothing functional to the build. It would be wrong to incorporate it into automated build processes, which run unattended. It is cute, though! This build file demonstrates its use:
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The web: web views and internet protocols
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Entire lifecycle
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Implementing POJO associations
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JavaScript is a true object-oriented language. The notion of an object in JavaScript is different from that in object-oriented languages such as C# and VB.NET. Objects in JavaScript aren t instances of classes, because JavaScript doesn t support the notion of a class. Instead, you obtain the structure or template of an object by manipulating a special, native object called the prototype, which you ll encounter in section 3.1.5. A JavaScript object is nothing more than a collection of name and value pairs called properties. Usually, this kind of structure is also called a dictionary or an associative array. JavaScript provides also an array data type, which is a collection of values of different types. A major role in the language is played by functions, which are objects like dictionaries or arrays. Functions are probably the most powerful objects provided by JavaScript; they re responsible for its great power and flexibility. In the following sections, we ll do an overview of objects, arrays, and functions, which are the foundations of the JavaScript language.
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strings end up being passed to Windows APIs, it s possible that Windows will ignore everything after the first null. There s one more escape form that s a little different from all the others, because you can use it to escape any character. This escape sequence begins with \u and is then followed by four hexadecimal digits, letting you specify the exact numeric value for a character. How can a textual character have a numeric value Well, we ll get into that in detail in the Encoding Characters on page 360 section, but roughly speaking, each possible character can be identified by number. For example, the uppercase letter A has the number 65, B is 66, and so on. In hexadecimal, those are 41 and 42, respectively. So we can write this string:
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UISwitch UITabBarController UITableViewController
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import com.sun.kjava.*; public class VerySimpleApp extends Spotlet { public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println("Hello very small world"); } }
This listing shows how shows how the PDF in figure 13.6 was created.
mapping files, annotated Java source code (EJB 3.0 entity classes) can be produced directly by the tools. However, not all class association details and Java-specific metainformation can be automatically generated from an SQL database schema with this strategy, so expect some manual work.
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573 compression/ decompression 386 concatenating 187 189 copy pages 186 191 copying pages 164 173 encryption 389, 393 get bookmarks 210 get named destinations 198 list used fonts 529 531 overview of the manipulation classes 192 partial read 163 replacing a font 531 replacing images 528 retrieving fields 181 retrieving metadata 382, 384 rotated pages 174 splitting 189 stamping content 173 178 tiling 172 expansion of abbreviations 509 explicit destinations 199 202 explicit masking 344 Extensible Metadata Platform 383, 563 external link 48, 196 197, 220, 417 program 205, 442 extract signed revision 401 extracting file attachments 533, 535 images 524 text 513 525
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