Csla.Server.DataPortalContext Csla.Server.DataPortalResult Csla.Server.DataPortalException in C#

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Batch Jobs
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TypeDef Metadata Table
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1. Switch to MainPage.xaml and select your UC_GreenButton control. 2. In the Miscellaneous bucket of the Properties panel, you should now see the
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IsNew IsSelfDirty IsDirty IsSelfValid IsValid IsSavable
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There are three situations in which an explicit reference conversion will succeed at run time that is, not raise an InvalidCastException exception. The first case is where the explicit conversion is unnecessary that is, where the language would have performed an implicit conversion for you anyway. For example, in the code that follows, the explicit conversion is unnecessary because there is always an implicit conversion from a derived class to one of its base classes. class A { } class B: A { } ... B myVar1 = new B(); A myVar2 = (A) myVar1;
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Behind the Scenes with Iterators
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namespace MyService { [ServiceContract] public interface ICalculatorServer { [OperationContract] int PerformAddition(int x, int y); [OperationContract] int PerformMultiplcation(int x, int y); [OperationContract] int PerformSubtraction(int x, int y); [OperationContract] float PerformDivision(int x, int y); } } We need an implementation of the service contract, which is shown in Listing 36-7. This is identical to the implementation I used in 21. I have created a code file called CalculatorImpl.cs to contain this class. Listing 36-7. The WF Service Contract Implementation using System;
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(managed code with the .NET Compact Framework) GPS Handhelds Automotive PDAs Smart Phones Dataloggers Set Top Boxes Portable Media Players Gateways VoIP Phones ...
} .override A::Bar with instance void B::BarBaz() .override A::Baz with instance void B::BarBaz() } In the extended form of the .override directive, the overriding method must be fully specified because the extended form is used within the overriding class scope, not within the overriding method scope. To tell the truth, the extended form of the .override directive is not very useful in the existing versions of the common language runtime because the overriding methods are restricted to those of the overriding class. Under these circumstances, the short form of the directive is sufficient, and I doubt that anyone would want to use the more cumbersome extended form. But I ve noticed that in this industry the circumstances tend to change. One more note: you probably have noticed that the sample Override.il looks tedious and repetitive: similar constructors of the classes and multiple calls to [mscorlib]System. Console::WriteLine(string). As was discussed in 3, version 2.0 of the ILAsm allows you to streamline the programming by means of defines, typedefs, and the special keywords .this, .base, and .nester. Have a look at the sample Override_v2.il on the Apress Web site: #define DEFLT_CTOR ".method public specialname void .ctor() {ldarg.0; call instance void .base::.ctor(); ret}" .typedef method void [mscorlib]System.Console::WriteLine(string) as PrintString .class public A { DEFLT_CTOR .method public void Foo() { ldstr "A::Foo" call PrintString ret } .method public virtual void Bar() { ldstr "A::Bar" call PrintString ret } .method public virtual void Baz() { ldstr "A::Baz" call PrintString ret } }
One more point about workflow forms here before we leave them until 7: after you specify the fields for the information you need to collect for either task assignments or initiation forms, SPD automatically generates an ASP.NET form for you. This ASPX file is stored and deployed with your workflow automatically. If you would like to edit this ASPX file before deploying it perhaps to add some user instructions or some other content you can edit it right in SPD and it will be deployed with your workflow. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that if you make changes to one of the ASPX forms manually and then go back into SPD and edit the form there (either the initiation form or one of the task forms for a To-Do item) all of the changes you made manually will be lost because SPD will re-create the form from scratch.
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