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Ping is located along the bottom soft keys of the iTunes app. Set up Ping from your desktop iTunes app as we show you in 29: "Your iTunes User Guide," and then you will find that it will already be set up on your iPod (or any other iOS device you have). NOTE: If it doesn t show up, you might need to sync once after you ve enabled it on iTunes desktop in order for it to appear on iTunes app. You will notice three soft keys across the top: Activity, People, and My Profile. When Ping launches, it displays the Activity screen, which shows the artists and friends you are following and their recent activity.
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After that, we need to create the method that the accelerometer will call:
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Example of a Generic Method
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Figure 2-1 and the pstat output presented a picture of what Oracle looks like immediately after starting. If we were now to log into this database using a dedicated server, we would see a new thread get created just to service us: C:\Documents and Settings\tkyte>sqlplus tkyte/tkyte SQL*Plus: Release - Production on Fri Dec 11 18:05:32 2009 Copyright (c) 1982, 2008, Oracle. All rights reserved.
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Figure 6-14. The namespaces that get created in VS .NET 2K5 when you create proxies for the same service The code using the PhoneNumber proxy type works in a 2.0 client, because the type has been defined only once in the generated proxy code. (This sample client can be found in the Web06Client project.) Proxies.Web06.PhoneNumber number; Proxies.Web06.PhoneNumberLib proxy1 = new Proxies.Web06.PhoneNumberLib(); Proxies.Web06.Dialer proxy2 = new Proxies.Web06.Dialer(); number = proxy1.GetNumber(); proxy2.SendSMS(number, wuzgoinon );
If the people writing the application don t know the answers to these questions, who should Obviously, the DBA can write some queries to count rows and columns and find things out the hard way. But when a script runs for an extra 3 hours at 2 a.m., who is supposed to know how many rows were at status x at that moment, and why that status is (or is not) supposed to change, and to what, in how many cases A lot of the time, you can get away with sampling and brute force to gather statistics if you pick the right moment. But if you want your systems to be stable and well behaved, you will need to add business intelligence to the mix. That intelligence will include knowledge of critical timing issues, patterns of data distribution, variation, and extremes.
Note The built-in package UTL_FILE provides read and write access to operating system files, too. It does not
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