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Step 5: Generate a Proxy Class File for Clients Based on the WSDL Document
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The DockPanel is one of the new layout containers introduced as part of the Silverlight Toolkit. You need to add a reference of Systems.Windows.Controls.Toolkit.dll, delivered as part of the Silverlight toolkit under the Microsoft SDKs/Silverlight folder, to the project. Then add the reference of this namespace to the UserControl within the XAML file, as shown here (in highlighted fonts):
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PixelHeight Gets the height of the bitmap in pixels. It is inherited from the BitmapSource class, which provides a source object for properties that use a bitmap. PixelWidth Gets the width of the bitmap in pixels. It is inherited from the BitmapSource class, which provides a source object for properties that use a bitmap. Gets an array to represent the 2D texture of the bitmap length in pixels.
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CHAPTER 3: Sync Your iPod touch with iTunes
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Subsequently, when the mouse cursor is moved away from the Label (target control) control, it starts fading right back in (see Figure 7-5).
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#ifndef __GAME_H__ #define __GAME_H__ typedef struct { float x, y; } Vector2D;
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Using the client script loader is very easy. Once you have downloaded the libraries and included them in your project you need to reference the JavaScript file Start.js. Start.js contains the client script loader functionality that can reference all the other script files: <script src="../Scripts/Start.js" type="text/javascript"></script> Once you have referenced the client script loader, you can then use its methods to load other scripts with the Sys.require() method (the following code references the new dataView component that you will look at shortly): Sys.require(Sys.components.dataView); The client script loader loads scripts in a very efficient and parallelized manner, taking care of resolving dependencies and ensuring that scripts are loaded only once. It even supports lazy loading and working with third-party libraries.
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Lack of Overview and Cumbersome Navigation
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