The next example illustrates the use of the STL/CLR multimap. In this program, two reference classes are used as the key and the value. In this example, you ll learn a little bit of botany. The example in Listings 12-9 and 12-10 shows the use of the STL/CLR multimap to implement a taxonomy dictionary. The multimap is used here with two reference types: one is the key and one is the value. In this example, the multimap is used to store the botanical names for various tree species. The key is the genus name and the value is the species name. It s implemented as a multimap, since each genus will usually have multiple species. For example, oaks are in the genus Quercus, and the example uses two species, Quercus rubra, the fast-growing red oak from the Eastern United States, and Quercus garryana, the Garry oak or Oregon oak native to my area. The key and value types in this example, Genus and Species, are both derived from Taxon, a botanical term for a taxonomic grouping, which genus and species both are. Taxon, and, via inheritance, both Genus and Species, implement some of the required methods that multimap needs in order to function: a public constructor, a public copy constructor, a public assignment operator (operator=), operator <, and a public destructor. Listing 12-9. STL/CLR Examples Using multimap // TaxonLibrary.h #include <cliext\map> using namespace System; using namespace cliext; public ref class Taxon abstract { public: Taxon() {} // copy constructor Taxon(Taxon% taxon_in) { } // destructor virtual ~Taxon() {} // assignment operator Taxon% operator=(Taxon% t) { return *this; } // multimap requires the < operator for its sorting operations virtual bool operator <(Taxon^ right) { return Name < right->Name; }
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use Ctrl + C to copy information and Ctrl + V to paste the copied information. In this section we are just demonstrating the Clipboard APIs by implementing the custom Copy/Paste functionality.
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The advantages of single-module assemblies include lower overhead, easier deployment, and slightly greater security. Overhead is lower because only one set of headers and metadata tables must be read, transmitted, and analyzed. Assembly deployment is simpler because only one PE file must be deployed. And the level of security can be slightly higher because the prime module of the assembly can be protected with a strong name signature, which is extremely difficult to counterfeit and virtually guarantees the authenticity of the prime module. Nonprime modules are authenticated only by their hash values (referenced in File records of the prime module) and are theoretically easier to spoof. Manifests of the modules of a multimodule assembly carry File tables, and the manifest of the prime module of such an assembly might or might not carry ExportedType tables, depending on whether any public types are defined in nonprime modules. The advantages of multimodule assemblies include easier development and lower overhead. (No, I am not pulling your leg.) Both advantages stem from the obvious modularity of the multimodule assemblies. Multimodule assemblies are easier to develop because if you distribute the functionality among the modules well, you can develop the modules independently and then incrementally add to the assembly. (I didn t say that a multimodule assembly was easier to design.) Lower overhead at run time results from the way the loader operates: it loads the modules only when they are referenced. So if only part of your assembly s functionality is engaged in a certain execution session, only part of the modules constituting your assembly might be loaded. Of course, you cannot count on any such effect if the functionality is spread all over the modules and if classes defined in different modules cross-reference each other. A well-known technique for building a multimodule assembly from a set of modules is based on a spokesperson approach: the modules are analyzed, and an additional prime module is created, carrying nothing but the manifest and (maybe) a strong name signature. Such a prime module carries no functionality or positive definitions of its own whatsoever it is only a front for functional modules, a spokesperson dealing with the loader on behalf of the functional modules. The Assembly Linker tool, distributed with the .NET Framework, uses this technique to build multimodule assemblies from sets of nonprime modules.
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The BusinessBase class implements the System.ICloneable interface. This interface defines a Clone() method that can be called to create a clone, or copy, of an object. The Csla.Core.ObjectCloner class implements a general cloning solution that works against any serializable object, making it very easy to implement a Clone() method. However, there are cases in which a business developer might not want to return an exact clone of an object. To accommodate this case, the cloning will be handled by a virtual method so that the business developer can override the method and replace the cloning mechanism with their own, if needed: object ICloneable.Clone() { return GetClone(); }
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This chapter is on Web Services in the .NET Framework. We ll take a look at why you would want to use Web Services, we ll examine them from a vendor-neutral perspective to see how they provide for excellent cross-platform interoperability, and then we ll delve into some of the new features for Web Services that are built into version 2.0 of the .NET Framework. We ll wrap this chapter up with a quick look at Web Service Enhancements, an add-on package of functionality available from Microsoft.
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PopupControl Extender
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Note If you turn lighting off by setting basicEffect.LightingEnabled to false, your scene will be
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The CLI and the .NET Framework
Now, suppose this process runs at night on a machine with four CPUs, and it is the only activity taking place. You have observed that only one CPU is partially used on this system, and the disk system is not being used very much at all. Further, this process is taking hours, and every day it takes a little longer as more data is added. You need to reduce the runtime dramatically it needs to run four or eight times faster so incremental percentage increases will not be sufficient. What can you do There are two approaches you can take. One approach is to implement a parallel pipelined function, whereby Oracle will decide on appropriate degrees of parallelism (assuming you have opted for that, which would be recommended). Oracle will create the sessions, coordinate them, and run them, very much like the previous example with parallel DDL where, by using CREATE TABLE AS SELECT or INSERT /*+APPEND*/, Oracle fully automated parallel direct path loads for us. The other approach is DIY parallelism. We ll take a look at both approaches in the sections that follow.
Another important measure of SQL performance is the resource utilization per execution (DB time/execute, CPU/execute). The values in testing will be compared to those in production to verify that no significant changes are evident. This data should be saved for future reference, along with the statement s execution plans. If possible, save important queries stored outlines; these are often a fast track for developers, which can be used during problem debugging. This way, should anything not perform as expected in production, some diagnostic data is already available so you can work out what has changed and why the performance has degraded.
To initiate a FaceTime call, follow these steps: 1. 2. Touch the FaceTime icon (initially in the bottom dock) on your iPod touch. Choose a Favorite, a Recent, or a Contact who is capable of a FaceTime call. The app will ask the caller on the other end to Accept the FaceTime call.
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