What it means for the UI layer is simply that the business objects will contain all the business logic. The UI developer can code each form or page using the business objects, thereby relying on them to perform any validation or manipulation of the data. This means that the UI code can focus entirely on displaying the data, interacting with the user, and providing a rich, interactive experience. More importantly, because the business objects are mobile , they ll end up running in the same process as the UI code. Any property or method calls from the UI code to the business object will occur locally without network latency, marshaling, or any other performance overhead.
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Pluralization is a new feature in EF4 that generates more readable entity names. In EFv1 if you had a table called Film, then your entities would be called Film, and entity sets of Film would also be called Film, which made querying not as readable as it could be. Thus many developers would manually rename entity sets of Film to be called Films, which could be pretty boring. In EF4 if you select to use the pluralization option when creating the model, then Film s entity set will be automatically named as Films. Note that the new pluralization feature doesn t just stick an -s on the end of the table name. It is cleverer than that; for example, it knows when to append or remove -s, or when to modify the ending of a word to -ies (e.g., Category becomes Categories). Pluralization currently only works with U.S. English, although there is an option to override this and provide your own pluralization provider. The pluralization service is contained in System.Data.Entity.Design.dll (which is a shame as this would be useful elsewhere) and has a static method called CreateService(). For more information please see http://www.danrigsby.com/blog/index.php/2009/05/19/entity-framework-40pluralization/.
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EBS is the primary high-performance persistent storage method for EC2 instances. EBS allows you to create block volumes from 1GB to 1TB and present them to your instances as devices. In Linux, they appear as SCSI devices (/dev/sdf, /dev/sdg, and so forth). You can do anything with these devices that you can do with any Linux storage device. You can partition them, stripe them with Linux software RAID, present them to a logical volume manager (LVM), format them as file systems, or present them to ASM with or without ASMLib. EBS volumes are replicated within the same EC2 availability zone (that is, data center) for availability and durability. Volumes can be detached from one instance and attached to another seamlessly, but you can attach volumes only to instances within the same availability zone. You can also attach a volume to only one instance at a time. Therefore, as of Q4 2009, Real Application Clusters (RAC) are not supported on EC2 (which doesn t mean they are an impossibility). Amazon provides a very useful capability for EBS volumes that allows you to snapshot them to S3. You can subsequently create new volumes from these snapshots. I use snapshots to store my installed, ready-to-run Oracle versions.
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Changing the Language for Voice Control
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Figure 2-67. Move the playhead out.
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Having a comparison report makes identifying unusual activity much easier. Comparing the problem time with a good time will help identify which of the workload characteristics have changed, as well as how the time was spent differently in one period when compared to the other. After atypical or outlying information is identified, the drill-down sections are examined to develop an in-depth understanding of the nature and cause of the problem.
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8. In the code window, you can edit the existing code or type new code. In this example, you leave the code as it is. To make changes later, you can follow the instructions in Section 11.3. 9. To close the VBE and return to Excel, click the File menu, and then click Close and Return to Microsoft Excel.
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Continuing on with the process of building our custom activity, it s time to start writing code. We ll be adding code initially to the MacroStripperActivity class. This is our Activity Definition class as I said before, the only one actually required for a valid activity. We ll add the other supporting classes to our activity as we go. Let s get started: 1. Open the MacroStripperActivity.cs file in Code view. 2. Take a minute to review the code provided for us by the template. There are a few items to take note of: The using declarations give us access to the necessary components of the WF engine without having to supply the fully qualified name. There are seven declarations related directly to a workflow project, as shown in Listing 5-1. Our namespace declaration defaults to the name of the project. If you re following along at home, my namespace is KCD.SharePoint.Activities. Our class declaration itself: public partial class MacroStripperActivity: SequenceActivity. Notice that we inherit from the SequenceActivity base class. Honestly, I m not sure why the template is set up that way. Go ahead and change that to inherit just from Activity.
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Digitally Sign SOAP Messages
Figure 13-2. Additional WCR RIA Services Silverlight 4 project templates in Visual Studio 2010
Variant types (popular in COM) are defined in the enumeration VARENUM in the Wtypes.h file, which is distributed with Microsoft Visual Studio. Not all variant types are applicable as safe array types, according to Wtypes.h, but ILAsm provides notation for all of them nevertheless, as shown in Table 8-7. It might look strange, considering that variant types appear in ILAsm only in the context of safe array specification, but we should not forget that one of ILAsm s principal applications is the generation of test programs, which contain known, preprogrammed errors.
28. Go into MainPage.xaml.cs and create a new Plane object, as I do here:
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