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All workflows and the activities that make up the workflow are classes, because .NET is based on OOP principles. If you re unfamiliar with OOP concepts, a class is a code structure that attempts to model the real world. In this case, a workflow class attempts to model a real workflow, and an Activity class models an activity within a workflow. In both cases, the class exposes properties (variables) and methods (functions or subs) that allow other code to interact with the class, either workflow or activity. As mentioned in 1, Workflow is a new namespace added to the .NET Framework. This namespace is under the System namespace. Workflows and activities are classes; to demonstrate this, open the VBFirstSequentialWFConsoleApplication project that was created in 1. After you open the project, open the Object Browser (use the View menu and select Object Browser). Three assemblies make up the Workflow namespace and functionality. They are Activities, ComponentModel, and Runtime, as shown in Figure 2-1. Each of these assemblies is composed of namespaces and classes.
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The HASHED implementation simply converted the OBJECT_ID passed into the query into a FILE/BLOCK to be read and read it no index. The HEAP table, however, had to do two I/Os on the index for each row. The cr=2 in the TKPROF Row Source Operation line shows us exactly how many consistent reads were done against the index. Each time I looked up OBJECT_ID = :B1, Oracle had to get the root block of the index and then find the leaf block containing the location of that row. Then, I had to take the leaf block information, which included the ROWID of that row, and access that row in the table for a third I/O. The HEAP table did three times the I/O of the HASHED implementation. The points of interest here are as follows: The hash cluster did significantly less I/O (query column). This is what we anticipated. The query simply took the random OBJECT_IDs, performed the hash on them, and went to the block. The hash cluster has to do at least one I/O to get the data. The conventional table with an index had to perform index scans followed by a table access by rowid to get the same answer. The indexed table has to do at least three I/Os in this case to get the data.
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Listing 19-19 demonstrates some of the collection members. I create an instance of SortedList<string, string>, meaning that the type of the keys and the type of the values are both string. Since I have not supplied an IComparer<T> to sort the data, the default will be used. For strings,
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In cell A1, above your pivot table s Report Filter, you entered heading text for the worksheet. In the PivotTable Field List, you dragged another field to the Report Filters area, below the existing Report Filter. When you release the mouse button, you get a warning about replacing the contents of the destination cells (see Figure 6-1). If you click OK, the Report Filters move up and remove the heading in cell A1. You d prefer the Report Filters move down when they re added, so they don t delete the worksheet heading you created. This problem is based on the RptFilters.xlsx sample workbook.
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int, uint, long, ulong uint, ulong long, ulong
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Most business applications need to retrieve and display lists of name/value data. Commonly, this data is displayed in combo box or list controls, and is used to validate user entry to ensure the values are within the list. A common example is customer payment terms. Customers are required to pay invoices within a certain amount of time: net 30 for 30 days, net 60 for 60 days, COD for cash on delivery, and so forth. An application dealing with customer payments will almost certainly have a table in the database containing the list of valid payment terms. This list will be displayed to the user on various forms and pages, and is used to ensure that every Customer object s PaymentTerms property is one of the items in the list. It is quite practical to use the ReadOnlyListBase class from 3 to create your own name/value list. But this is such a common application requirement that it is better to create a more targeted base class to further minimize the code required to implement name/value lists. The Csla.NameValueListBase provides this targeted abstraction. A business developer can construct a name/value list like this: <Serializable()> _ Public Class PaymentTerms Inherits Csla.NameValueListBase(Of Integer, String) Private Sub New() ' require use of factory methods End Sub
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Figure 3-12. Running your first Atlas application using JavaScript objects and namespaces
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List Boxes with a Background
|.`......| |...K.KOR| |A-02005:| |.implici| |t.(-1).l| |ength.no| |t.valid.| |for.this| |.bind.or| |.define.| |datatype| |........|
Figure 11-10. Silverlight out-of-browser trusted application install prompt
Use Policy Frameworks to Enforce Web Service Requirements with WS-Policy
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