Listing 5-18. The Validator Class, Which Ensures That Our PayloadItem Property Has a Value 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 public class MacroStripperActivityValidator : ActivityValidator { public override ValidationErrorCollection Validate(ValidationManager manager, object obj) { ValidationErrorCollection activityErrors = base.Validate(manager, obj); MacroStripperActivity msa = obj as MacroStripperActivity; if ((null != msa) && (null != msa.Parent)) { if (!msa.IsBindingSet(MacroStripperActivity.PayloadItemProperty)) { if (msa.GetValue(MacroStripperActivity.PayloadItemProperty) == null) { activityErrors.Add(ValidationError. GetNotSetValidationError("PayloadItem")); } } } return activityErrors; } }
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Figure 14-4. Elements can be values or references.
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There is, however, another performance issue in the model. The ProjectList and ResourceList collection objects, as modeled, retrieve collections of Project and Resource business objects so that some of their data can be displayed in a list. Based on the use cases, the user then selects one of the objects and chooses to view, edit, or remove that object. From a purely object-oriented perspective, it s attractive to think that you could just load a collection of Project objects and allow the user to pick the one he wants to edit. However, this could be very expensive, because it means loading all the data for every Project object, including each project s list of assigned resources, and so forth. As the user adds, edits, and removes Project objects, you would potentially have to maintain your collection in memory too. Practical performance issues dictate that you re better off creating a read-only collection that contains only the information needed to create the user interface. (This is one of the primary reasons why CSLA .NET includes the ReadOnlyListBase class, which makes it easy to create such objects.) This stems from behavioral design. The responsibility of a Resource object is to add and edit a valid resource. The responsibility of a ResourceList object is to get a read-only list of resources. It is clear that these responsibilities are in conflict. To use a Resource object as a child of ResourceList, it would need to be read-only yet its whole purpose is to add and edit data! Obviously, ResourceList and ProjectList must contain child objects other than Resource and Project. They should contain child objects that contain only the data to be displayed, in read-only format. These new child objects will have responsibilities appropriate to their purpose. ResourceInfo, for instance, will be responsible for returning read-only information about a resource.
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Table 2-1. Key Features of the XAML (x:) Namespace
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Chances are if you are a game developer, you are also a big fan of playing video games. This means that you are your best touchstone for judging and learning which aspects of games and applications work well, and which areas have room for improvement. As a game developer, you will never stop learning and growing. Play everything you can get your hands on. Try to analyze all applications and entertainment titles on the market. The more gaming experience and understanding of the market you have, the better your game will be.
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This chapter has covered several of the activities that provide flow within a workflow. These activities move the execution of the workflow from one step or activity to another, or execute multiple activities. The real-world example in this chapter showed how to add a Terminate activity to the Purchase Order workflow instead of a Code activity when conditions aren t met. The next chapter will cover rules-based workflow. The real-world example in the next chapter will show how to replace all the IfElse activities in the Purchase Order workflow with rulesbased activities instead.
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