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The TCP CHECKSUM INCORRECT message may indicate a signal-quality problem on the network connection causing corrupt packets, but in this case the message is caused by a network card driver s performance optimization that offloads the TCP checksum calculation from the client s CPU to the network card s CPU. The detail of the first packet sent by the client follows, with the data section showing the SQL statement sent by SQL*Plus in clear text. (When the extra-cost Oracle Advanced Security Option is enabled, the data section of the packet will appear as a scrambled sequence of characters rather than clear text.) Frame 1 (184 bytes on wire, 184 bytes captured) Ethernet II, Src: Intel_b0:dd:31 (00:11:11:b0:dd:31), Dst: Intel_b0:cc:62 (00:0e:0c:b0:cc:62) Internet Protocol, Src: (, Dst: ( Transmission Control Protocol, Src Port: 3285 (3285), Dst Port: 1521 (1521), Seq: 0, Ack: 0, Len: 130 Transparent Network Substrate Protocol Packet Length: 130 Packet Checksum: 0x0000 Packet Type: Data (6) Reserved Byte: 00 Header Checksum: 0x0000 Data
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public class Quote { public string Symbol; public string Company; // Additional type members not shown } public class Trade { public string TradeID; public string Symbol; // Additional type members not shown } public class Trades { public string Account; public Trade[] Bids; public Trade[] Asks; } public enum TradeStatus { Ordered, Filled, // Additional type members not shown } public enum TradeType { Bid, Ask } }
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Let s build a simple Silverlight application that will consume the WCF Data Services. Later we will discover some of the enhancements in this area based on the developed example. To start Silverlight application development with WCF Data Services, there are some prerequisites: .NET Framework 4.0 Entity Data Model tools, included in Visual Studio 2010 Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Management Studio Express For our example, a sample ApressBooks database supplied with the source code of this chapter
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As the following sample shows, checking the different compilation models using these macros is possible however, not in an elegant way: #ifndef _MANAGED #pragma message("Native compilation model chosen") #endif #if (defined(_M_CEE) && !defined(_M_CEE_PURE) && !defined(_M_CEE_SAFE)) #pragma message("compiling with /clr") #endif #if (defined(_M_CEE) && defined(_M_CEE_PURE) && !defined(_M_CEE_SAFE)) #pragma message("compiling with /clr:pure") #endif #ifdef _M_CEE_SAFE #pragma message("compiling with /clr:safe") #endif
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Workflow reports in SharePoint are a bit light (hmmm I wonder if they give Nobel Prizes for understatements ). Other than some usefulness during debugging, or other troubleshooting, they re not very useful. Let s take a look and then you can decide for yourself. Using a document library as an example (lists work the same way), you get to the Workflow Reports page through Document Library Settings. From there, click the Workflow Settings link under the Permissions and Management heading. The Workflow Settings page gives you three choices; we re naturally interested here in the View Workflow Reports link, so go ahead and click it. The next screen, shown in Figure 9-19, shows the two reports available to us for each workflow that has an association with our document library. The two reports available are the Activity Duration Report and the Cancellation & Error Report. I d show you examples except that I just can t bring myself to do it; it s too painful. Take a look for yourself and you ll see what I mean. I have to tell you. There is absolutely nothing I like more than looking at a report that has wonderfully sexy GUIDs in the first three columns and ends with a three-mile-wide column of raw XML; if that doesn t make you sit up and pay attention, I don t know what will. Seriously, though, I understand that this is just raw data. I know that it is XML (even though it is targeted at Excel). I know that I can transform it any way I need to, or else dump it into a SQL database and report against it from there. I know all of that. My comment then is then, don t call them reports. Perhaps I m splitting hairs perhaps it is just a matter of semantics but by calling something a report you set a certain expectation level, and this just doesn t meet it.
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This chapter has examined some of the key design goals for the CSLA .NET business framework. The key design goals include the following: N-level undo capability Tracking broken validation rules to tell if an object is valid Tracking whether an object s data has changed (whether or not it s dirty ) Support for strongly typed collections of child objects Providing a simple and abstract model for the UI developer Full support for data binding in both Windows Forms and Web Forms Saving objects to a database and getting them back again Custom authentication Integrated authorization Other miscellaneous features I ve also walked you through the design of the framework itself, providing a high-level glimpse into the purpose and rationale behind each of the classes that will make it up. With each class, I discussed how it relates back to the key goals to provide the features and capabilities of the framework.
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You need some kind of saving mechanism for your game.
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Class Members
int main() { C^ c = gcnew C(); c->Print(); // Access through the class: Console::WriteLine(C::name); } Literal fields are needed because of a limitation in how the compiler is able to interpret static constant fields that are imported into an application from a compiled assembly with the #using statement. The compiler is unable to consider static constant fields compile-time constants. Literal fields are marked in a different way in the assembly and are identifiable as compile-time constants, so they are allowed wherever a compile-time constant value is needed, such as in nontype template arguments and in native array sizes. Listing 6-6 shows a simple class in which both a static constant and a literal member are declared and initialized, and Listing 6-7 shows how they differ in behavior when used in another assembly. Listing 6-6. Defining Static Constants and Literals // static_const_vs_literal.cpp // compile with: cl /clr /LD static_const_vs_literal.cpp public ref class R { public: static const int i = 15; literal int j = 25; }; Listing 6-7. Compiling Static Constants and Literals // static_const_main.cpp #using "static_const_vs_literal.dll" template<int i> void f() { } int main() { int a1[R::i]; // Error: static const R::i isn't considered a constant. int a2[R::j]; // OK f<R::i>(); // Error f<R::j>(); // OK }
This property is used in the constructors as well, meaning that the same rules for dealing with an empty date apply during object initialization, as when setting its value via the Text property. There s one other text-oriented method to implement: ToString(). All objects in .NET have a ToString() method, which ideally returns a useful text representation of the object s contents. In this case, it should return the formatted date value: public override string ToString() { return this.Text; } Since the Text property already converts the SmartDate value to a string, this is easy to implement.
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