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Listing 5-18. Initializing Arrays // arrays_initializing.cpp int main() { // Declare, create, and initialize a 1D native array. int native_array[2] = { 10, 20 }; // Declare, create, and initialize a 1D managed array. array<int>^ managed_array = gcnew array<int>(2) { 10, 20 }; // Declare, create, and initialize a 2D native array. int native_array_2D[2][2] = { { 1, 0 }, { 0, 1 } }; // Declare, create, and initialize a 2D managed array. array<int, 2>^ managed_array_2D = gcnew array<int, 2>(2, 2) { { 1, 0 }, { 0, 1 } }; } If an initializer is present, the size of the dimensions may be omitted. In this case, the number of elements in the initializer determines the size of the array. You can also use an initializer by itself on the right side of an assignment operator, without gcnew, to create a new array. You can use variables in an initializer, as for array_int3 in Listing 5-19. Listing 5-19. Initializing an Array Without gcnew // arrays_initializing2.cpp int main() { // initialization without gcnew array<int>^ array_int1 = { 0, 1, 2 }; // Initialization with gcnew (no equal sign is used). // Here, the size is omitted and determined by the three // elements in the initializer list. array<int>^ array_int2 = gcnew array<int> { 0, 1, 2 }; // You can use variables in the initializer list. int i = 1, j = 2, k = 3; array<int>^ array_int3 = { i, j, k }; } As in the C++ new expression, the default constructor (the constructor with no arguments) is called to initialize the elements of the array. You can use gcnew in the array initializer to call a specific constructor, as in Listing 5-20.
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Figure 7-7. Select a new color in the Color Editor. Now press F5 to compile and run the application and notice when it runs the Background changes to the color you just specified in the Properties panel for the Behavior. You have just used your very first Behavior! There are other Behaviors that are cool too. Close the application, and let s see the MouseDragElementBehavior Behavior in action.
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Method Argument Storing
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Prior to Oracle Database 11g and the addition of the Default Trace File information, you had to locate your trace file manually. If you use a shared server connection to Oracle, you are using a background process so the location of your trace files is defined by background_dump_dest. If you use a dedicated server connection, you are using a user or foreground process to interact with Oracle so your trace files will go in the directory specified by the user_dump_dest parameter. The core_dump_dest parameter defines where a core file would be generated in the event of a serious Oracle internal error (such as a segmentation fault on UNIX), or if Oracle Support had you generate one for additional debug information. In general, the two destinations of interest are the background and user dump destinations. Unless otherwise stated, we will be using dedicated server connections in the course of this book, so all of our trace files will be generated in the user_dump_dest location.
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then iTunes will open normally. 2. 3. Select Choose Library and locate the library you just copied from your external hard disk. Click Open (Windows) or Choose (Mac) to open the iTunes library file.
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The following code shows all three query forms. In the method syntax part, you might find that the parameter of the Where method looks a bit odd. It s a lambda expression, as was described in 15. I ll cover its use in LINQ a bit later in the chapter. static void Main( ) { int[] numbers = { 2, 5, 28, 31, 17, 16, 42 }; var numsQuery = from n in numbers where n < 20 select n; var numsMethod = numbers.Where(x => x < 20); int numsCount = (from n in numbers where n < 20 select n).Count(); foreach (var x in numsQuery) Console.Write("{0}, ", x); Console.WriteLine(); foreach (var x in numsMethod) Console.Write("{0}, ", x); Console.WriteLine(); Console.WriteLine(numsCount); } This code produces the following output: 2, 5, 17, 16, 2, 5, 17, 16, 4 // Query syntax
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A natural extension of the argument that you shouldn t necessarily strive for database independence is the idea that you should understand exactly what your specific database has to offer and make full use of it. This is not a section on all of the features that Oracle 11g has to offer that would be an extremely large book in itself. The new features of Oracle 9i, 10g, and 11g themselves fill a book in the Oracle documentation set. With over 10,000 pages of documentation provided by Oracle, covering every feature and function would be quite an undertaking. Rather, this section explores the benefits of gaining at least a cursory knowledge of what is provided. As I ve said before, I answer questions about Oracle on the Web. I d say that 80 percent of my answers are simply URLs to the documentation (for every question you see that I ve published many of which are pointers into the documentation there are two more questions I choose not to publish, almost all of which are read this answers). People ask how they might go about writing some complex piece of functionality in the database (or outside of it), and I just point them to the place in the documentation that tells them how Oracle has already implemented the feature they need and how to use it. Replication comes up frequently. Here s a typical example of what I am asked:
WCF is a future technology that promises to unify the current distributed technologies under one programming model and technology stack. It also promises to bring SO to the mainstream. Microsoft has already released and continues to release a large amount of WCF-related information. This is a testament to the impact it s expected to have. Of all the current .NET distributed technologies, Web Services will enjoy the easiest transition to WCF. The migration story for the rest of the Big Four is a mixed bag. However, the best way to ensure a smooth migration path is to learn everything you can about SO and apply its ideas now to guide how you build a distributed application.
ILAsm Notation
You can supply the actual parameters for a parameter array in two ways. The forms you can use are the following: A comma-separated list of elements of the data type. All the elements must be of the type specified in the method declaration. ListInts( 10, 20, 30 ); // Three ints
&&, || Operators
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